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10 Things Men Should Know About Women

The man and woman feud will never cease to exist as long as the human race is alive. Though understanding one another can make life for each respective gender a lot easier. So let’s take a look at this from a man’s perspective and think of ways to treat out female counterparts in a way that would be deemed acceptable. In no particular order of effectiveness or importance, here are the 10 things men need to know about women.

List of 10 Secrets about Women:

10 – Trust is the undeniable factor towards maintaining grudges


Women are very emotional towards broken promises or “white lies” A man can usually mistake a little lie as something that means nothing. Yet to a woman the fact that a man can lie to her so casually about so small makes her think if you would lie to her about more important things just as easily. Come clean, maintain her trust, and make sure no questions of her are left un-answered.

9 – Acknowledge and appreciate gestures she makes to you

Care in relationship

Whenever your lady buys you a game that you have really wanted to play, or tells you that the Lakers game will be on later tonight. She is accepting the fact that you are a man, and require time to yourself how a man would like it, buy killing things in video games, or watching your favorite basketball team winning. Acknowledge these gestures, let her know that you see how she cares for you, and care for her in the same way as well.

8 – Intimate physical interaction can mend tense moments

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After a minor argument, or a vicious dispute and both parties have calmed down. The tension arises and both of you wait for the ice to break. Be a man and wrap your arms around her, tell her that things will be better and you’ve learnt a lesson from the quarrel. The physical interaction comforts her, and shows her that you are there to hold her in times that she is unsure.

7 – Do not think it, say it!

Just Say it!
Just Say it!

You may love your lady deeply, but not saying to her will only make her think you have insecurities. If you love her, do not think twice, tell her you love her and keep telling her. Attention is all important to women, and telling her you love her is one of the best ways to show her that she is the focus of all your attention.

6 – Shyness can be a blessing in disguise

Women's Shyness
Women’s Shyness

If your girl starts avoiding you and starts acting particularly shy around you, it just goes to show that she cares for you. Do not be turned off by the fact that she seems to be disconnected, take the plunge if you want to be with her, chances are she loves you and is afraid to say it.

5 – Women have a habit of speaking the opposite of what they want

Women Talk Opposite
Read Your Women’s Mind

Your girl’s birthday is just around the corner, and she’s told you that it is okay if you do not get her anything. On the contrary my fellow men, she wants gifts, she wants to see what you do for her, and she wants to be surprised and to be in awe.

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4 – The words you use are very important

Conversation in Relationship
Sweet Conversation

A woman you have just met would find it insulting to be called “hot” or “sexy”. The words; beautiful or elegant however have a different impact all together. It shows her that you respect her womanhood and that you appreciate her appearance in a way that is not insulting.

3 – The deep stare that she gives you?

Women's Deep Stare
Women’s Deep Stare

If you have ever noticed your girl staring at you intently, it goes to show that she is working and resolving in her mind questions about you. Women are well known for thinking way more than men, judging consequences over and over again. Before she gives you any sort of response she will analyze the situation and come up with conditions that are for the best.

2 – Her memory is impeccable

Women Never Forget
Women Never Forget

In most relationships, it’s the woman who never forgets about the anniversary, the birthdays, the day they first met, or the day they first kissed. A woman’s memory in regard to their relationship is like a treasure chest for them which they keep organized in their minds.

1 – Small things are what take you a long way

Give Small Gifts

You may think as a man that all you did was buy her a rose and chocolates. Yet to her there is no other man like you, who can relate to her sensitivity and provide her with gestures that show her how much care and affection there is in your heart for her.



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