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20 Fun Things to Draw, cool ideas of things to draw

Drawing is a fun hobby, even if you are not an artist you can enjoy drawing different things. Not only drawing, but even painting, sketching, coloring, all can be fun. Life is full of frustrations, but you can surely make the most out of it by keeping a sketchbook with you and draw whatever you enjoy in your spare time.

From sketching scenery to drawing cartoon characters and mandalas there can be a variety of ideas.

Here are 20 cool and fun things to draw that we have collected for you. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

List of Fun Things to Draw

  1. Mandala Drawing

This is a doodle art that contains different designs in a circular form. You can fill colors of your choice inside the design with markers, color pencils or even paints.

Sometimes, you will also find mandala drawing in anti-stress therapies because doodle drawing is known to relieve psychological stress.

  1. Roses and Sunflower

Drawing flowers and roses can be beautiful and fun for everyone and it is best to refresh ones mind.

  1. Pokemon and cartoon characters

If we look back to our childhood, we all have drawn cartoon characters in the back of our school copies. Many people maintain their personal sketchbook and draw different cartoon characters in it. No doubt it is a cool and fun task for all.

  1. Finger Painting

This is one of the best activities, especially for kids. Above all, it does not require any special skills or talent and at the same time, it gives you a soothing effect.

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From finger painting, you can teach your child how to generate new colors. Hence, it is a fun hobby for kids as well as adults.

Pablo Picasso once said:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an

    Artist once we grow up

  1. 3d Drawing

3d drawing generates illusion in an image and no doubt it looks amazing plus it’s fun to draw. If anyone likes to draw 3d images, he can easily learn it by watching different tutorials.

  1. Panda

It can be fun and exciting for kids to draw pandas and color them as they wish. Drawing panda is attractive because they look so cute!

  1. Designs

Another enjoyable thing is to draw different designs of your choice. It can be either mehndi designs, designs on carpet, rugs, curtains or bed sheets. An interesting fact in drawing designs is that it can give you ideas to decorate your house uniquely.

  1. Mickey Mouse

This character gives us all a fun and joy feeling inside. You may not know this, but drawing a mickey mouse is very straightforward and fun.

  1. Scenery

It might sound childish for some people to draw sceneries, but its beauty is simply amazing. You can draw and paint a sunset or beach scenery which will give realistic results.  Especially if you are a nature lover, you will surely enjoy drawing sceneries.

  1. Paisley

Paisley is a design that has gained popularity with time. It typically looks like a raindrop or a teardrop having a twist at its top. This trendy pattern can be seen on a variety of products including accessories, clothing, iPhone cases, hand mehndi designs, woven shawls etc.

  1. Drawing a kitten

It can be correct to say that everyone loves kittens and it can be fun to draw them since they are so cute.

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No need to worry if you love to draw kittens but do not know how to draw, because there are many step by step tutorials available for drawing a cute animated kitten.

  1. Drawing with pastels

The pastel drawing is yet another fun; it gives you a velvety and attractive texture. Its deep, rich colors are quite easy to mix and blend. Yet another best thing in drawing using pastels is that you don’t require a lot of additional tools that you may need in paints.

  1. Ship

Drawing ships can be difficult for some people but it is fun to draw and it gives you a cool end result.

  1. Clown

Drawing a clown can be entertaining and refreshing for most of you out there.

  1. Portrait

If you have good sketching skills, you can draw anyone’s portrait you like even your own. If you develop good skills with time, you can also charge for drawing peoples portraits.

  1. House

We all have drawn houses when we were young, sketching a house the way you like and shading or coloring it is a fun activity especially if you enjoy drawing simple things.

  1. Dice

Another simple but cool looking thing that can be drawn is a dice. Picturing dice with different colors and styles is easy and fun.

  1. Water fountain

If you are good at sketching you can enjoy drawing a beautiful water fountain or a waterfall picture.

  1. Drawing tattoo designs

One can draw a variety of tattoo designs according to their interest. From drawing tribal tattoo designs to designing animal tattoos and roses, there are a lot of options one can choose which they enjoy most.

  1. Sketching the face of a girl with various hairstyles

Creating different hairstyles and sketching and shading them with pencil is absolutely a fun activity for girls of all ages. Some people even enjoy drawing lips.

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So, these were some of the fun drawing ideas bundled up for you that you can draw or paint in your spare time. Moreover, it can brighten up your skills and talent that is hidden inside you.

This quote by Tim Burton well defines the importance of drawing.

Drawing is an exercise for a restless imagination”

Drawing is an activity for all. Both young and adult can enjoy doing it. It relaxes your mind and makes your personality productive plus creative. Also, it is the best solution when you feel bored enough from watching movies or attending gatherings.



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