Best Cheap Microphone for Gaming

Last Updated on 20th February 2022

Hello, game freaks! We have come up with an amazing review for you to enhance your gaming experience. How? We understand the challenges a gamer has to face due to the poor quality of audio being delivered by your end. An expensive microphone causes an arm and leg.

But don’t worry, we have compiled the list of the best cheap microphone for gaming purposes. Don’t be afraid if you aren’t aware of the tech-related stuff of microphones; because we have compiled a list of essential factors you need to consider before you buy a microphone for gaming.

Essential Factors You Need To Consider Before You Buy A Microphone For Gaming:

Noise reduction:

Ensure it doesn’t pick up noise from the background and isn’t extremely sensitive. Otherwise, recording task can become impossible for you


See how close or far you can record the audio. Do you need to stick to the mic to record? Or is it so sensitive that can catch the flying bird sound too?


Of course, during gaming you need a very stable mic stand to hold the mic firmly while you focus on the gaming. The microphone stand should be enough stable. I suggest getting the magnetic ones that are easily detachable and seem handy.

Drivers and software:

When you buy a gamming microphone and you are a beginner or aren’t a tech pro, take a guideline regarding what drivers or software would be required to run the microphone.


Now because you have learned the essential factors you need to consider before you buy a microphone for gaming, you should be looking for pocket-friendly and economical options that have all the above-mentioned features.

Best Cheap Microphone for Gaming

Here is the list of best cheap microphones for gaming, with reviews, pros, and cons.

Rode NT-USB-Mini USB Microphone with Detachable Magnetic Stand

I suggest this to not-so-tech-savvy minds because it is super-easy to set up. No external power or software or drivers are required. It uses a compliant USB method to record the audio. Hence, it is very handy to use and an ideal option for beginners.

Its mounting is like a dream come true; simple and beneficial. It features a magnetic base stand. The stand magnet has the ability to firmly hold the mic while you use it. Otherwise, it can be easily detached.

Although the delivered audio is unmatchable; having no noise or disturbance, but it works from 1 feet distance only. If you wish to use it from several feet away, you might require a directional mic. Neither does it have a mute button to mute the audio output immediately.

Elgato Wave

This microphone seems like a black-egg shell and is known for its audio mixing feature. The sound quality recorded with it is excellent. I don’t remember any noise or distribution during the recording. So thumbs up for noise reduction.

Although I stay in a specific radius while recording the audio, even if I am little feet away; the quality remains constant, until I am not speaking from the moon. I have been often complemented by my co gamers about which mic I use for audio recording.

It almost has every feature like low-latency control, blending software, and a handy button to control but it would have been a complete mic if it came with a pop-filter.

HyperX SoloCast Gaming Microphone

It is a super-convenient gaming mic that features a one-tap mute option. You can immediately mute the mic by tapping on the top. The led indicates if it’s still recording or not.

Moreover, it has a flexible stand that can be adjusted anywhere! I mean it. Even I have adjusted it under my table when I had no space on the table.

Also, it is compatible with almost every platform. You can use OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. It works perfectly fine when connected to PS4 or Mac.

Despite everything being on point, I experienced a little bit of fuzz or you may call it noise disturbance in the recoded audio. I tried changing my location and desktop setting, but nothing worked. I do not use it if it happens with everyone.

Samson Go Mic

This microphone comes with a USB that has to be connected to the device. I encountered a little problem with the USB, which I will discuss in the end. But the good thing is you do not have to install any drivers or software in order to make it run.

The voice recorded with this mic is clear enough.

The portability of this microphone is easy because of its small and compact size. I had carried it to several countries with me.

Although it supports every recognition software, I have experienced a visible positive difference when used with webcasting, iChat, and VoIP.

The only issue encountered is its USB is a little soft. Even if you politely touch it by mistake, the screen would indicate that it cannot detect the microphone. This becomes annoying.

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

It comes in a gloss-black snowball shape with omnidirectional polar patterns. It has a crystal clear audio recording feature with zero disturbances in the audio. I have used it for a longer period and never experienced any fuzz in it.

Moreover, you do not have to be a tech mind in order to set it up. You simply connect it, and it’s all set to use.

The only downside I experienced is that you need to ensure that you have turned off the mic sensitivity option. Otherwise, it might pick up the background noise.


The focus of our review was to give affordable but best microphones options for gaming. We believe we have been successful in doing it. We do not want to limit the audience, hence for this reason we decided to go for options that are cheaper and pocket-friendly. We hope the above-mentioned list will turn out to be helpful for you. Consider the factors carefully, and invest in microphones wisely, since it’s a long term investment.