Best Scrubs for Curvy Women

When it comes to scrubs for women, we have a lot of variation in it – ranging from types, purposes, fabrics, and a lot more. Fortunately, to benefit you we have compiled a list of the best scrubs for curvy women. This list is going to help you out in choosing the right scrub top and scrub pants according to your needs.

But before we get into the discussion of the best scrubs for curvy women, you need to have a look at the quick guide, we have assembled for you:

Quick Guide To Buy Scrubs For Curvy Women:

  • Tight, but fit: Loose-fitting scrubs are more likely to get in contact with contaminants, which you want to avoid. Hence a little tight scrub would stick to your body and avoid any unwanted contact. In beginning, you may find it a little uncomfortable, but it will loosen up over time.
  • Stretchable: No doubt, fitting scrubs seem nice on the body as compared to loose-snaggy ones. But keep in mind that your arms, hands, and feet should be able to move freely, without fear of tearing the scrub. This is only possible if you buy a scrub that has the attribute of being stretchable.
  • Material: The most reliable materials used for producing scrubs are polyester, cotton, and microfiber. Although scrubs made up of these materials have a little higher prices, but they are worth it.
  • Correct measurements: Usually people get the wrong size scrub because they do not know how to take correct measurements. Run the tape over the waist, arms, shoulders, and hips to know the correct measurement.

Best Scrubs for Curvy Women

Best Plus-Size Scrub Tops

Scrub tops serve the purpose of the top to ensure that they are fixed on the body and don’t get in touch with unwanted containment. It is generally worn by hospital staff, nurses, or hospital people who are involved with dealing with patients. Its quality of not getting in touch with the other person becomes useful this way.

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Following are the best scrub tops you can get your hands on:

  1. CHEROKEE Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub Top

The overall feel of this scrub top is comfortable. You would feel being into your own skin while you wear this. I guess the reason is the high-quality polyester spandex and rayon used together to produce this. It comes in V-shape.

The princess seam feature that runs from the shoulder is added to it, which makes the women look slimmer and smarter than before by giving her a perfect body shape.

Alongside, it has several pockets attached to tailor multiple purposes. I find such features handy because you can easily carry important instruments.

The only downside I experienced is that removing stains from this scrub top is impossible. Overall, this top is the best scrub for curvy women.

  1. WonderWink Women’s Scrubs Charlie 5 Pocket Y-Neck Top

Just like its name suggests; 5 pockets, this scrub top has 5 pockets that allow one to carry several items in an organized way. It has 2 pockets on the lower side of the scrub, while one signature pocket has 3 divisions in it.

The scrub has a v-neck and sleeves in faux-wrap style. Don’t forget that its sleeves are fitted enough that doesn’t expose the underarm area.

Moreover, it comes in a wide range of colors so you have versatile options to choose from. Its fabric uses polyester and cotton (65% and 35% respectively). Both of these fabrics are recognized for their durability. I personally love the feel of the fabric as it gets in contact with the body.

The only downside is its size. Although I ordered small it seems large to me. So before you order, ensure that it is the perfect one.

  1. BARCO Women’s Junior-fit Three-Pocket Mock-wrap Scrub Top

I just love it in black color. It looks so stylish and modern. The fabric is 77% polyester (which is good news) and Rayon, 23%. The fabric is soft and doesn’t make the wearer sweat; even if it’s fit.

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Since it 77% polyester, the fabric is comfortable and flexible. Do not confuse it with stretchable, but it does have an element of being flexible. By being flexible, I meant that it won’t tear apart if you bent down or squat. It will serve for a longer period than makes it worth the money.

It has cuts that hide or contour the curves to make the wearer look slimmer. It hides the belly bulge and other imperfections that everyone is anxious about.

The only drawback is its size. It might sound like that I am repeating the same thing, but it actually has this is the only issue I encountered. I ordered a small size and it was still big for me.

Best Plus-Size Scrub Pants

Just like scrub tops, these pants also are enough flexible to stick firmly to the legs and don’t snag. The fitting element in the scrub pants are fitted to the bottom one can easily roam around without being afraid of getting in touch with an infected person.

Such scrub pants are utilized by hospital staff who have to deal with patients on daily basis.

  1. Dickies Women’s Xtreme Stretch Fit Drawstring Flare Leg Pant

This scrub pant comes in several colors and a flare in its bottom part. The flare gives room to stretch down without worry about it being torn up or damaged. The lace on its upper parts makes it more comfortable to wear and adjust according to your waist. This is important, otherwise finding a perfect pair of the scrub pant with exact fitting can be difficult at times.

Another important thing is its fabric; i.e. polyester, with a blend of rayon and spandex. All these materials are durable and highly recommended; if durability is the most important attribute you look for.

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Along with side pockets and pen slots, the overall look of this scrub pant is modern and seems attractive. The only unfortunate part is it loses its waist stretchability over time. Like I had to knot it more tightly after several uses. This pant can be rate as the best scrub pant for curvy women.

  1. KOI Women’s Lindsey Ultra Comfortable Cargo Style Scrub Pants

This scrub pant is made up of polyester and cotton, and both are highly trusted fabrics. But the convincing part is the adjustable toggles that are featured at the ankles of the pants to enhance the fitting of the product.

Also, to ease the experience of the wearer, it has multiple pockets to serve multiple needs including a room for scissors too. So versatility is an important element to be added to the list.

Moreover, the drawstring closure on its waist is useful for giving it a strong fit on the waist, so it doesn’t slip down during the hassle full duty hours of the day. It sits comfortably on the waist.

One downside I encountered was that people were not satisfied with the size scale they offer. While my experience was good; but few buyers believe that large size is XL, which confuses them.


The above-mentioned scrubs are mentioned by going through a specific test or trial of several days. We came to this conclusion after an experience, so you can rely on the information mentioned above. Keep in mind that every scrub has its own uniqueness and charm. It depends on what you prioritize. Do you want to go for a scrub with fancy nancy looks, but not durability? Or a scrub that is durable enough but seems bland.

Whatever you choose, it’s totally your call. But we would suggest you do it for durability; since it comes helpful in the long run.