Best Water Shoes for Men with Important Factors

Comfort always comes first when you decide to go for a dive, kayaking, or hiking – whatever water-related activity it is. Water shoes are designed to protect your feet against water and give it a comfortable experience. The more features it has, the more comfortable it is. But before we get into the discussion of which is the best water shoes for men; you must know the important features:

Factors to select the best water shoes for men:

  • The size of the shoe: With my personal experience, I would recommend readers to buy a shoe that firmly grips the feet so it doesn’t slip off in the water.
  • Closed-toe: Underwater there can be many obstacles and hard edge rocks that can rip off your feet. Buy a closed-toe design shoe that firmly fits your toe and protect you against every underwater obstacle.
  • Bottom grip: If you are planning to hike, ensure that the grip in the bottom area is enough to protect you from falling.
  • Footbed material: Do not forget to consider the material of the overall shoe and footbed. Polyester or any material that dries up quickly is recommended.
  • Waterproof or resistant: If it claims to be waterproof, it won’t allow water to pass through, but if it claims to be water-resistant; it will repel water.
  • Maintenance: See if the shoes you are purchasing are high or low maintenance. Do they immediately need to be cleaned after you came back from hiking or swimming?

Best Water Shoes for Men

Which are the reliable pair of best water shoes you can invest in?

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1 – Adidas Outdoor Terrex A.RDY Voyager Speed

This water shoe is a feet best friend that is made up of sole and ensures the finest quality, and calling it the best water shoe among all won’t be an injustice. What a heaven Traxion outsole grip it has, that is complemented with a sleek design and comes in several colors. The best part is that they dry within hours, so you don’t have to worry about wet shoes.

Moreover, a perforated drainage system ensures that the water drains out and doesn’t stock up in the shoe. Along with drainage system, it has an impressive room for insulation that gives feet an effect of warmness.

Another great thing is the midsole that is cushioned and tends to be thick to provide a good support to the feet.

The only con is they aren’t great for running. Although they are enough comfortable and dries up quickly we have other great options for running.

2 – Astral TR1 Junction

A perfect choice for land applications and enjoy the water, which is crafted of a material that dries up immediately and doesn’t make your shoe soggy. Neither has it done smells bad like water gathered in the shoe is expected to smell bad. I have worn it for hours and hours and it didn’t stink. So thumbs up for odor control.

Secondly, it drains the water out really well. It is made up of high quality and premium products that make it highly durable and that drain all the water and sand particles. With these water shoes, I have crossed muddy downhills, swamps, slick rocky portages, and steep ups – comfortably.

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Talking about the sizing, I prefer a shoe that can be really fitted and has a strong grip. I ordered 10 for myself, but I think 9.5 could have been much better.

Although these shoes are recommended for water, I won’t suggest them for hiking because they aren’t that comfortable for it.

3 – Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Surfwalker Pro 3.0

This water shoe is an ideal option for oceans, where you can easily protect your feet against sharp-edged stones and shells. They are very light in weight so even if you carry them in deep water, you won’t feel any burden on your feet.

The interesting thing about this shoe water is its water-repel quality. Instead of absorbing it, it repels water.  So there is no discussion like shoe drying-period.

Then comes the effective drainage system that pours out all the water and keeps your feet comfortable. Otherwise, low-quality water shoes become water logged and make the shoe heavy.

Also, the mesh uppers are enough breathable to let your feet experience ventilation and don’t suffocate your feet.

Despite being a go-to option, I won’t recommend it for rough terrains due to its soft and thin sole that cannot withstand hard pebbles.

4 – Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe

This water shoe comes with an impressive outsole and padded tongue to make your feet comfortable; this might feel a little stiff in beginning but slowly it loosens up and gives the best experience ever.

Moreover, it is a perfect choice to enjoy moderate rainfall, as it comes with water resistance power to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. But keep in mind, the brand claims this product to be waterproof, while it is water-resistant. Both terminologies have different services.

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Also, this water shoe has an amazing midsole to offer a cushion bed to the feet. It specifically comes in a patent-pending design that gives a feeling of extra spring under the feet to support every step you take while walking.

Along with the midsole, the outer sole of the water shoe is beautifully crafted with threads making the design look more advanced.

Lastly, its upper has been made up of leather that is coated with a polyurethane coating to offer new bars of comfort and prevent blisters.

Although it has many reasons to buy, one that might disappoint you is it cannot bear much water. Like it is supportive in moderate water conditions only.


We have no element like “perfect” because things vary according to the needs. For every condition, we have a separate water shoe. Few are an ideal choice for hiking, while some are an ideal choice for swimming only. But the list shared above of best water shoes for men is worth investing money on. You may look at the options mentioned above.