Difference Between Cold And Flu – Symptoms and Treatments

Last Updated on 3rd July 2015

Flu and cold are sometimes considered as the same sickness by some people, however, they are not. Here we discuss the main difference between cold and flu.

Symptoms of Cold And Flu

difference between cold and flu - symptoms


Medical Differences between Cold & Flu

Major Difference

An increase on the flu and cold incidents is observed in the winter. People are generally confused with the definitions of cold and flu; however, they both are different. The most important thing that differentiate cold and flu is that though no high fever is observed in the person with cold, in the flu, high fever, disorder in the general situation, and secondary bacterial infections are observed.

Infections & Treatment

Cold can be treated with some medicines in a week. There are many viruses cause cold. These viruses can be seen anywhere in the world. Propagation conditions of each virus may change depending on the temperature and humidity value in the air. Cold can infect by the virus drops propagated by coughing or sneezing of a patient with cold. Additionally, it can infect by shaking hands, kissing, and being in a crowd. People may recover the cold without needing to rest. However, they have to have rest if they have otitis media or sinusitis. Most of the people do not go to the doctor when they are cold. They get some medicines from Pharmacy and try to recover. They only go to the doctor if any kind of complication occurs when they get cold. Though the flu is considered as the same sickness with flu, they both are completely different, and there is major difference between cold and flu. Influenza viruses are effective on the flu infections. Though influenza shows some differences every year, it generally causes an outbreak in the winter all over the world. 2-3 days later the virus enters to the body via respiratory tract, it mixes with blood and controls the all organs. The fever which instantly starts and increases up to 39-40 C, headache, muscle ache, weakness, and distortion in the general situation are the main symptoms. The fever slowly decreases after 3-4 days and the general situation of the patient gets better. If the fever increases after it decreased, it indicates that otitis media, sinusitis, or pneumonia is developing. In this case, a doctor must be seen. The influenza viruses of flu infection may cause pericarditis, meningitis, pneumonitis, and hepatitis. Patient has to have a rest for a week to get well from flu infection. B and C type vitamins help the patient. Flu shot is the most effective way to be protected against flu.

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Time Period

Flu shot is vaccinated in September-November every year. The protection time is around 1 year. The people got flu shot vaccination can get infected by flu but the symptoms are very light. It does not cause a significant loss of strength.


It has been particularly discussed that both cold and flu are have many differences and different types of effects as well. So they cannot consider as the same illness. It obviously means that both have different treatments as well and the reaction time is also not the same. So, i suggest people to diagnose and treat both diseases differently .