Platform Boots – They Remain For Lifetime

Platform boots are those types of boots that have been in style and out of style since past few years. Currently they are back in style again.  These boots has been evolved many times but still has the charm it has years ago. They can be worn on several outfits and will give you a perfect look for sure.

The Casual Appeal

All types of platform shoes are in casual zone of the fashion while heels and flat shoes are in the formal zone. Platform shoes are better for casual hangouts and at nights on a walk.  These boots are popular mostly in the teenage and the people in their early 20’s. The plus point is that they add to height of the girls and are available in variety of styles and colors.

Moreover, these boots have curved toes compared to squared or pointed toes of other boots.  This helps you walk more comfortably and also lets you run and do all the playful activities while wearing these boots. This is the reason that they are popular amongst the teenagers.  Some styles of platform boots may have squared toes but pointed toes are impossible to find.  The reason that there are no pointy toes in the platform footwear is that the shoes are already very bulky and pointed toes destroy the overall style of the boots.

Style Of The Boots

Usually these boots go up until knees but some styles of mid calf length as well.  Ankle boots are very rare to find in these types of boots, but some designers make ankle boots for women who have fat legs.  If you want to have an idea about the height, then going to a shoe store is a must, so that you get an idea that what type of boot will go with your clothes.  Buying online is also a good idea but only if you have worn these types of boots before. If you have not worn these types of boots before, then buying online is a bad idea as you might not know what size to order and the size you get might not be your exact size. If you are trying these boots for the first time, then buying from the store is a good idea as then you will be able to look for the style and the size in which you are comfortable.

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As the style of Platform boots is vintage, the colors they are available in are quiet loud and bright.  This is the other reason that they are famous amongst the teenagers.  These types of boots have their own unique appeal in the fashion world and are considered by teenagers because of their uniqueness and style. If you want to look unique and want boots for casual wear, then these boots are the best choice for you as finding colors in these boots is easy and they are more comfortable.