French Cuff Shirts – Bring Elegance in your Dressing

Women clothing has seen a wide difference in class and stitching. Vintage styles have been modified according to the modern trends to look more amazing and stylish. Whether it is part that you have got to attend r your daily college or work, you can choose from millions of designer wear or brands. French cuffs for women are still being used with formal and casual dressing. They add a vintage and unique touch to medium-sized cotton shirts. They are also being stitched in with short and medium dresses for women. Whatever the pattern of the dress, adding French cuffs to them makes them look stylish and trendier.

Johnny Depp starring in Pirates of the Caribbean wore a famous characteristic costume for pirates with French cuffs, which added the possibility that they can be worn by men alike for formal dressing. The shirt was coupled with a waistcoat, long partly braided hairstyle and skinny pants with lots of rings and heavy eye makeup. This particular makeup of Captain Jack Sparrow has been copied by a million of kids for different costume and Halloween parties.

Paris and France have set quite a lot of newer trends that have been mixed up with British and English dressing to create a million new designs. French cuffs for women were one such trend picked up by the earlier English fashion designers. The very early British women wore longer gowns coupled with French cuffs and a large amount of lace. The dresses back then were more tightly fitting but had similar cut-patterns as the recent dresses. We saw in the famous TV series Pride and Prejudice, how the characters carried off these dresses with pure elegance and beauty. Not only had the women wore French cuffs but the British men like Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy also wore French cuffs in quite a number of scenes.

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Formal and casual shirts are also coming with French cuffs and they look great with tops worn with jeans. Not only do they provide protection from sun when you need it the most, they add a grace and greater style of fashion to your persona. They are coming both in medium sized and longer sized sleeves, however if you are wearing fabrics like georgette or silk, it is better to wear them longer as they provide a good fall and silk to the fabric.

A good dressing style labels a person as modern and trendy. It is important to follow the recent and the changing trends. Wearing such new trends also makes one feel more confident and positive. You can stand out and look unique or you can choose to look dull and boring. Try different colors, patterns, sizes with different neck lines and lengths to decide what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You can also consult designers and fashion personnel to advice you the correct clothing for your age and height. This practice will make you feel good and confident.