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Helpful Tips On How To Get Rid Of A Skunk

Although skunks are harmless creatures, the first thing that occurs to the mind is stinky animal that is more of a pest if in your premises. They generally reside in yards of houses where they are getting any sort of food supplies because they are omnivores and will eat away anything nutritious.People are generally annoyed by this stinky critter because of the well-known noxious spray, it’s terrible odor and the risk of being bitten and getting rabies.

Any person would want to know how to get rid of a skunk near or in their house as soon as possible. Following are a few tips that can help achieve that purpose.

Get rid of natural food sources

If there are any fruit trees in your house or any other vegetation growing, harvest them as soon as they are ripe. If fruits or nuts fall off trees, clean your yard regularly to keep food items off the ground. Also, any other form of vegetation should be cleaned off because piles of grass or soil may contain stray seeds or other nutritious elements. These creatures are scavengers and they will feed off anything they find.

Close all places that offer shelter

If there is a skunk in your premise, it will try to get a sheltered hiding place like porches or under decks. They even hide under log piles or heaps of building materials. You should close off such places that will offer them any sort of shelter. This can be done using rocks or plywood to cover these hideouts.

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Trim large bushes

If the skunk does not find any other form of shelter, it hides in the bushes which is also an appealing shelter for it. So, you should trim the bushes and other vegetation that might be a hiding place for the skunk in your yard.

Lock and protect the garbage

Simple trash cans are not enough to keep this scavenger away. You have to keep all trash cans and anything garbage container completely sealed. Garbage cans with locks are available at stores for the purpose of preventing unpleasant odor spreading in any neighborhood. Side by side, try to keep all garbage cans especially the compost bin in an enclosed area so the smell would not attract skunks at night.

Light up your yard

These creatures do not come out in bright lights and are nocturnal.Some people use motion sensors in their yards for skunks and similar pests. The lights turn on in case there is any movement and scares skunks off.

Use skunk-repellants

Another tip on how to get rid of a skunk is the use of chemicals to keep it off your premise. Placing these on boundaries of your yard and other places where skunks feed, you can condition the animal to stay off of your property. However, these chemicals need to be reapplied every few days because their effect is not very long lasting.



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