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7 Natural Tips To Cures Anxiety

Anxiety is a very serious condition which can lead to depression and insomniac. Not only that but anxiety can lead to physical pain such as difficulties in falling or staying asleep, jaw pain, tensed muscles, headaches and excessive sweating. A person is usually diagnosed with anxiety when he or she is unable to maintain normal levels of concentration, being easily irritated, and impatience. Anxiety not dealt with quickly can lead to fatal situations. Having said that let us take a look at the natural cures for anxiety.

Useful Remedies To Get Rid of Anxiety



Aromatherapy is a very good way of helping people to lose their anxiety. Scents which can be used in bathing or massage oil can be a very good way of reducing anxiety. Aromas of the following ingredients have been proven to be useful against anxiety; lavender, geranium, cypress, bergamot, and jasmine. However out of all of the above said ingredients, lavender has been known to be the base of most aromas that have positive reactions to those with anxiety.

Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA)


There are GABA receptors in the brain and it has been known that they have physiological links to anxiety. GABA is an amino acid which can quell the effects of anxiety within the mind of a person. However no one truly knows the degree to which orally ingested GABA pills can reach the brain.

Physical stimulation

Physical stimulation to reduce anxiety

Remember anxiety is a condition that has physical effects as well; hence it is very important to exercise and train your body. Forms of meditation, yoga, and tai-chi are all proven methods to help with anxiety reduction. The leading cause of anxiety is stress, and all of these “mind over body” methods can help greatly with reducing stress.

Watch what you consume

Eating healthy to get rid of anxiety

Eating healthy is a great way of keeping yourself and your body in top shape. It has been proven that eating foods that provide sufficient supplies of vitamin B and calcium have anxiety reducing properties. Apart from that your body will also help in strengthening your body, making sure you are able to fight against the physical effects of anxiety!

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Both of these liquid intakes greatly work against you while fighting against anxiety. When suffering from anxiety, sleep is your best friend, good relaxation time that would rest up and calm your body. Alcohol and caffeine make sure that does not happen.

Passion Flower

passionflower to remove anxiety

Anxiety can be dealt with by the consumption of this herbal plant. It has been clinically experimented and tested and it shows that it calms down people pretty quickly. Yet it has had side effects with certain people thus it is a medication that should be thoroughly consulted over with a physician before using it.

Green tea extract


Green tea contains an amino acid known as L – Theanine, which when extracted and consumed has proven to be very useful against anxiety and sometimes prove to be one of the best natural cures for anxiety. The good thing about this amino acid and green tea extract is that it has no side effects at all, and its effectiveness is comparable to anti-anxiety drugs. So if you want to stay all natural, green tea is the way to go!

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