Remedies To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Back acne, also known as, ‘bacne’ is a form of acne vulgaris and is caused by similar reasons. There are a lot of recommended treatments for this nuisance on your skin, some of which may be pretty costly. Nevertheless, there are many other simple remedies to relieve yourself from back acne is a more cost effective and easy-to-do ways.

Find below some tips that have been used by people to cure back acne and get rid of it fast.

  • Use a scrub on the skin of your back for exfoliation on a weekly basis. Preferably use natural scrubs like those made at home from squeezing fruits and adding sugar and salt.Also, do not scrub with a rough hand because that can increase itchiness. This is an easy method to remove dead cells from the skin and refresh it.
  • If your skin is sensitive to acne, always shower after you sweat. After exercising or indulging in any energy consuming activity, if you have sweat on the skin on your back and you let it stay; acne-causing bacteria will be produced. Moreover, pores can be clogged which can lead to back acne too.
  • Physicians have recommended changing your skin’s level of acidity or alkalinity as a method to get rid of back acne too. You can achieve this by applying apple cider vinegar on your skin after taking a shower because soap increases the alkalinity on your back and vinegar will neutralize it by increasing the acidity effect.
  • Submerge your body in the salty sea water if you’re fortunately living near the sea. Then dry your back in the sun for ten minutes. Repeatedly, performing this little exercise lessens back acne to a huge extent.
  • Make sure you rinse conditioner off from your hair properly. Back acne is often caused and at other times worsened if conditioner sticks to your back and stays. It is known to lead to zits if not washed away properly. Always try that your washed hair does not touch your back directly unless dried.
  • You can use some medicated lotions and moisturizers to treat bacne quickly. Special anti-acne lotions  are commonly available in the market. Apply them on the back and let it stay for some time. However, rinse it off later to avoid your back from getting too oily.
  • Medicated acne creams are available with benzoyl peroxide constituents or sulfur solution. Both work on different types of skin. However, you should always consult a dermatologist before applying any medication on your body especially on already affected skin.
  • Some people change their laundry detergents and switch to something that suits their sensitive skin. Side by side, you should avoid wearing rough fabrics or tight-fitting attire because it can aggravate the acne on your back.
  • Watch your diet! Eating too much junk food that contains sugars and fats will cause a hormonal imbalance and that worsens back acne as well might cause acne on other parts of the body.
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