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How to Get Rid of Blackheads Naturally

Blackheads can put you in the worst of moods without even having to make an effort. Of course, they are annoying and when you look closely in a mirror, you know exactly where they lie. Blackheads keep your face from looking completely clean regardless of how invisible they can be to other people. Obviously then, your ultimate aim is to get rid of blackheads as quickly as you can. Here are 5 natural ways you can use when thinking of how to get rid of blackheads effectively!

Do Exfoliation as a Weekly Ritual

There are a variety of items you can choose from to exfoliate and remove blackheads with. The best part about these is that almost all ingredients are present in a normal kitchen cabinet and will not ask for an additional expenditure. If you have an oily skin with annoying blackheads, nutmeg and lactic acid is the solution for you. While nutmeg keeps the oil under control, the lactic acid will clean your skin of old dead cells when you rinse your face using milk. You can also make use of buttermilk for it contains a greater percentage of lactic acid as compared to the regular milk.

Use the Honey Power

Honey is another effective way to treat blackheads. Although this is sticky, but it works best for those who want quick results. Pour out a small quantity of honey on your palm and pat it in the areas where blackheads exist. Continue this practice for three minutes and then rinse your face thoroughly with water.

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Consider the Egg Whites

Although a stinky, smelly way to treat blackheads, using an egg white mask to remove blackheads has worked wonders for most people. Clean your face first and then use a brush to apply the egg whites on your face. This will form the first layer which needs to be dried before the second layer can be applied. Apply the egg whites again and then wait for the whole mask to dry. 15 minutes are more than enough for during this time, your mask will dry and your face will feel tighter than before.

Toothbrush Scrub

This method is only recommended in that situation where none of the above remedies work for you. Since this is the most extreme method it is not advised to be used by all. For this you will need a soft toothed brush. Do not use your mouth toothbrush in any case. Get a few drops of lemon juice and pour them onto the brush. Also add one or two drops of skin friendly oil such as Jojoba oil or Neem as you desire.

Then scrub the blackheads with the brush gently and wash with water in between. You can also apply lemon juice again if you want. Since this method is not as healthy, it should be done only once in a blue moon. With a variety of methods at your service, how to get rid of blackheads is no longer a difficult job.



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