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Six Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne

Body acne occurs when pores or hair follicles in the skin get  clogged generally because of oil or dead skin. It can be very bothersome because of the appearance of the skin and causes individuals to become self-conscious in wearing attires that show any affected area. Therefore, anyone who has encountered this issue would want to know how to get rid of body acne and feel confident about their skin.

Exfoliate your skin

Oil secretion is a natural process of the skin and you cannot stop that. What you can do is prevent clogging of your pores by cleansing your skin properly. Use mild body scrubs readily available in beauty stores to exfoliate your skin. A mixture of honey, cinnamon and thyme can be used as a natural scrub to keep skin clean and fresh.Rinse with warm water. Do this regularly to keep skin cleaner because it result in lesser acne.

Drink lots of water

Keeping yourself hydrated facilitates in flushing away toxins from the blood and also keeps skin clean and fresh. Drinking a lot of water if one of the best recommendations for any skin problem. Fresh juices are also a nice way to keep body hydrated and they help in clearing skin quickly too. Cucumber, apple, ginger and celery are ingredients of some juices that are known to cure skin diseases by enhancing the process of detoxification of skin.

Change your diet

First of all avoid any processed food that may have pesticides or other contaminants. These intoxicate the blood stream. Also, exclude excess dairy products from your everyday diet because the growth hormones fed to the animals adversely affect consumers later causing hormonal imbalances. Include healthy and organic fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Apple contains antioxidants that prevent the acne from developing. Bananas wash away the bacteria from the skin. The citric acid in lemons helps remove dead skin cells and keeps skin fresh. The organic lemons fix acne problems very effectively because they restore skin balance. Lemons can be used as cleansers or in juices as well. Moreover, pineapples help in eradication of bacteria and the vitamin C also retains skin’s color and freshness.

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Get sufficient sleep

Your body requires seven to eight hours of sleep. Give it that so all biological processes are in order. This will give your body rest and help in keeping skin healthy.


Perform any physical activity that will make you sweat in order to flush toxins out of the blood stream. Some people also recommend yoga to relax yourself and your mind and increase your self confidence. This accompanies the belief that your body develops a stronger immunity to diseases.


If nothing else works, do not lose hopes because there are a lot of medicines out there. See a doctor regarding how to get rid of body acne. Medication containing Oracea or Tetracycline are often recommended by physicians.



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