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How to Get Rid of Bruises

Almost everyone would counteract bruises once in their lifetime. A bruise may be caused by a severe blow on the area of the skin which could wreck the internal blood vessels, causing the blood to flow and trap between the tissues. Bruises are not fatal. There are various ways for the query “How to Get Rid of Bruises”. However, some bruises may give you a black and blue mark and may pain quite a bit. Applying tincture or vinegar on the bruise helps to bring the swelling and the inflammation down.

Bruises may at times leave scars as well. A bruise may take a long time to heal or may recuperate in a few days as well depending on the type of blow. Some bruises may continue to pain for a few weeks and the blue and black mark would be too hard to get rid off. However, there are a lot of home remedies that one can cater to if it is not too painful. O the other hand, if blood is flowing out of it or if it counteracts a pus reaction, it is better to stop at a doctor’s and get proper medication.

How to Get Rid of Bruises


You can always try icing the affected area. Either put some ice on the it through a storage bag or get an icing bag which can be bought easily from sports and recreational stores. Also, when icing the affected area, it should be noted that too much exposure to ice for a really long time can result in frostbite. It is better to do it only for fifteen minutes and can be repeated more than a few times each day.

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The icing will help to bring the swelling down and it will heal more quickly. Also, you can cater to some painkillers which will heal you in a pinch. These painkillers are usually referred to as over-the-counter tablets which are recommended for the treatment of utmost pain. These tablets keenly include ibuprofen and acetaminophen.


Vinegar can be considered as an anti-inflammatory agent. Also, rubbing alcohol can have better effects in evacuating the bluish or blackish mark from the bruise, thus healing it more quickly than relying just on medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Vinegar can be rubbed gently on the affected area by soaking a little quantity of it on a cotton swab. It may pain a bit, but, the vinegar will help to bring the swelling down.

Also, vinegar may help the collected blood at the site of the wound to disperse from the surface and spread to other parts of the body. You can also refer to ointments or creams that contain anti-inflammatory properties.


Nobody likes pineapples. But, you can always try to eat pineapple as a medicine if you do not like the taste of it. Pineapple contains a specific enzyme called Bromelain which acts as a lysozyme. It helps to unravel any protein particles that have been tangled at the site of the wound on account of the bruise.


In other words, these home remedies are better than consulting a doctor for even a minor blow that has been made to your elbow. At times, it is better to move along with icing pads or bandages to prevent any massive blood rupture on account of a wound.

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