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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Why on earth are the carpenter ants called as carpenter ants? Are they actually carpenters? Perhaps, they are. These ants hold the prestige of being called as carpenter ants because they make their nests in pieces of wood other than the sugar ants whose nests are embedded in sand but don’t worry there are various methods to get rid of carpenter ants.

The carpenter ants are quite difficult to distinguish from termites. However, they have six legs as they belong to the family of Insecta and three bent antennae. In contrast to ants, termites have the same number of antennae but they are pretty straight. Termites and carpenter ants both have black segmented bodies but ants are distinctive in a few more features. All ants act as honest slaves to their queens. They may have wings and some may not. The quality of being possessed with wings has only been handed out to the reproductive ones while the non-reproductive ones do not have any.

Carpenter ants can be ridden off easily, but, at times the procedure can be difficult as they are very clever. You can not just spray insecticide outside their nest and they would act as if they have adhered to it and been poisoned. The ants may shift their nests and can always come back. In order to outwit the ants, it is always recommended to use the insecticide or any other toxic material as bait and at a place far away from the insects’ nest.

Usually, it happens that these carpenter ants are roaming out bearing a particular trail towards their nest. At that time, it will be better to place a certain toxic gel or an insecticide combined with honey or milk near their roaming whereabouts. The sweet smell of the honey or milk would practically invite them to the food and they would take the poison with them to their nest.

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Also, when you have ridden off a capable nest from your place, you must make sure of the fact that these ants can always come back. In order to prevent carpenter ants from coming back, you can always and you should seal all the possible entries that would lead them to your house. As pieces of hollow wood or frass are typically the indicators of a nest of carpenter ants nearby, it is recommended to keep a check out for these ants.

Ants can usually come into your house on account of some branches that could be hanging right into your living room or your kitchen windows. Usually, there are big trees in yard which have been inhabited by carpenter ants. You can see these ants crawling on the branches or on the trunk of any tree. It is recommended to cut any branches which have been in contact with the house as they could be the reason for the ants to track down the house.

You can also consider vacuuming or mopping your floors twice a week in order to keep a check for the ants. You can also dust their nests if possible.



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