How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles – Removal and Prevention

Having carpet beetles in your home can be very stressful. These insects are not only difficult to spot but their damage is not visible either. However, when the beetles storm your carpet, you could be left feeling devastated and helpless. Carpets are an hefty investment which is why replacing them for such reasons is not possible all the time. There are four species of carpet beetles which are known to cause damage to fabrics. This species are varied carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, common carpet beetle and the black carpet beetle.

Potential Risks Brought by Carpet Beetles

A carpet beetle in itself does not cause any damage to your health but to your house, they certainly do. Moreover this damage can be severe for these beetles will eat onto anything that is protein based such as textiles, carpets, clothing, curtains and more. Removing carpet beetles is possible but is only works if you ensure continued protection and use several preventive measures to stop these pests from occurring in your house again. Below are some ways you can use when the question of how to get rid of carpet beetles is making you go crazy. Let’s begin:

Steps to Remove Carpet Beetles

First, you should identify the area which have been affected by carpet beetle. Once you are sure, vacuum all such areas thoroughly where you suspect the infestation is present. Make use of the fine nozzle which comes along with your vacuum cleaner and also clean along the furniture which is a favorite place of carpet beetles. These pests also spread in furniture which stand over fixed carpets which is why cleaning all such areas is important too. Ensure that you empty your vacuum container outside the house.

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After you have cleaned all suspected areas properly, the next step is to spray an effective pesticide which will stay in action for a longer time period. It is recommended that you should spray such chemicals on  both sides of any carpets or rugs which have been affected by the beatles. You can also choose to use natural solutions if there are children or pet in your house.

If spraying the house is something you cannot afford to do, an alternate option is to use a pesticide powder. Put the powder in the infested areas and leave them for the night. The next morning vacuum all powdered areas properly. Some powders can be left for more than a week too. However, read the instructions of whichever chemicals or pesticides you are looking to use.

Preventive Measures

When carpet beetles are cleared out, the next step is to prevent them from attacking your house again. For this make sure that no old bird’s nests or carpets are stored in your house. If any rugs or carpets need to be discarded, first place them in a plastic bag and then trash them. Same goes for seasonal clothing. Winter wear should be properly washed and stored in clothes storage bags. These are some steps you can when your mind is baffled with how to get rid of carpet beetles.