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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

What exactly are those painful blisters on your mouth? Cold sores, maybe? Cold sores are painful lesions or blisters that are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. Cold sores are downright sore and may be contagious on contact. The virus is usually a dormant resident of the body and may elevate the lesion to a reddish-cum-whitish appearance on the lips or near the lips when appropriate stress is provided to it.

Cold sores may heal perfectly with medications and creams, but then, the healing time would take preferably from one to two weeks. This however may present with approachable agony as one can possibly reach out to itch the surrounding area of the lesion, enhancing the lesion or spreading the virus to other near areas of the lips.

Sometimes, the best remedies to get rid of cold sores and other associated ailments would be to tackle natural and home therapies. Natural therapies have no preservatives or chemicals in them and home therapies may include some of those which may help to alleviate the pain and the burning sensation quite easily and quickly as compared to medications eating the lips alive.



Tea tree oil is something magical. It is easily available and can be used after it is soaked in a cotton slab. A cotton submerged in this oil may help to alleviate the distress caused by the germs and may also help to kill the virus that may cause blisters on surrounding parts of the lesion.


Orange oil is the next on the list. As orange oil is provocatively used to get rid of termites and other creeping insects, it can also be used to get rid of the virus embedded within the sore. Preferably, the question that rises here would be of the context that whether all insect eliminators can be used for this therapy or not. In this regard, orange oil is quite natural and has no added preservatives or toxins in it as other insect eliminators would possess.

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Viruses hate the cold, so, it will be better to rub an ice-cube on the affected area and avoid swallowing the melted cube. An ice-cube can be rubbed either wrapped around in a tissue paper or not.


Alcohol and vinegar are some of the components that have such natural chemicals in them that can easily break through the viruses embedded within the cold sores. A tampon can be soaked with little of the rubbing alcohol in a saucer or a cup, and then applied on the affected area. The tampon will do wonders for the lips and may help the lesion to get cured quite easily.


Peppermint oil and lemon balm both have been reported to possess astounding healing and anti-viral properties.

Also, adequate amounts of water and consumption of fruits which are rich in vitamin C have been proved to prevent against cold sores.



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