How To Get Rid of Corns

Last Updated on 3rd April 2015

An accumulation of dead skin called Corns under your toes and between your toe fingers could be very painful and are usually caused by wearing tight and unfitted shoes. They perhaps can appear on any part of the body that is exposed to excessive friction on the affected area and can go deep down the skin. The foot area is more likely to have it. It is probably caused by a constant rubbing of a particular area of your foot against the surface of your shoe. They appear on the skin as a hard round figure particularly yellow in colour with a grey surface. The following can be a few remedies to get rid of corns and overcome this problem fast at your home.

Stop the Friction.

The first and the foremost remedy for the corn is to get rid of the shoes that hurt your feet that is due to wearing a wrong sized pair. While buying shoes one should prefer a day time in late afternoon as the feet gets swollen and the proper size can be determined.

Hot water Soak:

Soaking your feet in a hot water tub with a little amount of medicated anti bacterial soap for a quarter or a two could benefit a lot. A desirable amount of salt can be added as it has antiseptic properties. Soaking will help the corn skin get soften and can easily be rubbed by a pumice stone or with any other coarse substance to remove the outer hard skin.Rubbing should not be done excessively. This should be practiced on a daily basis until the corn vanished and the patch mixes well with the surrounding skin.

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Use of silicon wedge or plasters:

A ring shaped bandage can be worn around the corn to reduce friction and to relieve any pain while walking or if the surface gets rubbed against.


Keeping your feet clean and smelling fresh after a long tiring day can also help heal and reduce the reappearance of corn.Applying a foot cream after bath and before bedtime can reduce the formation of dead skin cells and keep your feet fresh and soft. This can hydrate your skin as the feet are the areas of the body that is least taken care of. You should dry your feet properly after every wash as it would keep away the extra moisture or sweat.

Medicines from Kitchen shelf:

Sprinkle of a pinch of cornstarch can help keeping the skin dry between the toes and fingers. A cotton ball dipped in vinegar and applied on the affected area can give dramatic results.

A pair of padded gloves can be worn on hands and cotton socks on feet to avoid any moisture trap between the fingernails and provide a comfortable cushion against the friction.

It is not advisable to try clipping off the corn circle using a blade or a nail clipper. It can possibly turn a corn into a bleeding or wound can highly risk in an infection. If the corn keeps on appearing consult a podiatrist to have it assessed medically.