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How To Get Rid of Cough – Effective Tips

Coughs are non inevitable guests especially in winter colds. They arrive with flu, allergy attack or with a cold. Both dry and wet coughs can be very irritating. Although coughing is natural of getting rid of excess mucus that builds up after you suffer any illness. Coughing excessively due to a tingling effect inside your throat can be a never ending discomfort especially at night.

There are several ways in which you can treat and get rid of cough effectively. There are different ways of  treating a dry and wet cough.

Treating Dry Cough:


Drinking warm water will keep your cough at bay for a while. It will keep your body hydrated and help to heal fast. A dry throat triggers heavy coughing so drinking water hourly can help prevent these spells. Other liquids like tea, juices and milk are useful to soothe the irritated throat.

Soothing drops:

Sucking candies or medicated drops can help moisten the throat and keeps your saliva regulating in your mouth. Candies having honey, ginger or menthol are the best for irritating throat.

Drink Soup:

A good bowl of warm soup helps in healing dry coughs and give you some relief from repeated coughs and congestion.


Honey is natural healer for coughs. A spoonful of honey relieves irritation and tickling in your throat immediately.

Cough Suppressant:

Cough syrups subsides the coughing reflex. They should be taken at night and accordingly during the day.


Try chewing on a clove or have clove syrup by mixing few cloves with honey and keeping it to set. Remove the cloves and have a spoonful of it. It will suppress the cough in a great way.

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Ginger mixed with honey is also a great remedy to overcome cough. Chewing on ginger can help you suppress your cough.

Treating Wet Cough:

Wet coughs are commonly called productive coughs. Your airway gets blocked with phlegm or mucus which makes you cough from deep inside your chest.

Chest rub:

Menthol or camphor chest rubs are applied on the outer skin layer of the throat to soothe the irritated throat and chest. They make your nights easy and calm your cough better.


Expectorants loosen the mucus and phlegm build up by making cough productive. you should spit any mucus that comes up in your mouth while coughing.

Saline drops:

Saline nasal sprays or drops can also used to clear your nasal and throat with mucus congestion which makes you breathe with difficulty.

Anti histamine medication:

An anti histamine can make you free from congestion and makes you cough to get rid of mucus eventually.

Steam Inhaling:

Inhaling steam during a hot shower or from a water steamer allow the mucus to loosen up and clearthe airways. A humidifier can be put around near you to make you inhale moisture while sleep.

If you are having cough that is not calming and going on for several days or even weeks with more mucus build up, fever and chest pain, you need to seek medical advice so that proper medication should be prescribed.



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