6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Crickets

Crickets are one of the most irritating and disturbing fleas. It has been generally seen that crickets are present mostly in the areas of North America. They are specifically found in forests and gardens. They are considered pest by gardeners due to the fact that they are habitual of eating plants and they usually make a lot of noise. Most of the people don’t use pesticides in their because of the presence of pets. There are it is very much important to explore different other methods in order to get rid of crickets. There are different ways and means which can be very much supportive and helpful to make a better understanding that how to get rid of crickets. Some of the most effective and important instructions are discussed further which make you in a better position to get rid of crickets naturally.

Remove Overgrown Grass And Vegetation

There are some of the most effective natural ways to get rid of crickets. First of all you need to remove dense vegetation and weeds from your garden. It is due to the fact crickets’ love overgrown gardens with rotting plant life. They consider these conditions the most favorable for their nutrition. After doing that, you should remove non plant material and garbage in general such as raw material and piles of bricks.

Use Of Yellow Light

After that you are require to use yellow sodium vapor lights in place of white outdoor lights. It is due to the fact that usually white lights attracts a lot to all kinds of insects and especially crickets. On the contrary, yellow bulb is less attractive to them.

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Cricket Traps

Another most important way to get rid of crickets in setting of crickets traps in different corners of your garden. They are very much threatening to the life of the plant; therefore, the steps of getting rid of crickets should be followed with special care and attention. You are requiring to place the crickets traps in different areas which are mostly preferred by crickets such as compost piles and plants.

Trapping Them By Putting Food

Moreover, you should put some old vegetation or dog food in a container and place it on a big dish filled with water. You will see that in short period of time crickets hover around that food because they get attraction. When the food attracts the crickets then they can easily drown in the water.


Further, vacuuming of the house on regular basis is very much important. You should pay special attention and care to all the corners of your house and especially behind furniture.

Laying Out Some Cockroach Traps Indoors

Moreover, you can also lay out few cockroach traps indoors. You should use sticky strip of tape along with these traps. This can be very much helpful and supportive to get rid of crickets.


It is no denying the fact that the above stated natural ways can be the best source to solve the query that how to get rid of crickets.