How To Get Rid of Double Chin – Top 7 Ways

Double chin makes you look fat, unattractive and old. Seriously whoever has it surely wants to get rid of double chin as quick as possible. Double chin is caused by an accumulation of extra fatty tissue layer under your chin that makes your skin droop down making it look very unpleasant. There are various factors that cause double chin like being overweight, consumption of a lot of fatty foods, aging process, lack of exercise or wrong posture. Double chin can be passed on genetically to other generations as well. They are more obvious in obese people. To get over with this problem there are many simple home remedies which are painless and can be done with no side effects. Although there are surgical treatments that can reduce that sagging layer of fat under your chin but it is much expensive and painful.

Top ways to combat double chin are:

1. Tone your face muscles:

Chewing a gum is an excellent way to tone your jaw muscles. By chewing a gum you’re actually doing exercise of your face. This can help reduce your chin. This exercise can also repeated several time a day.

2. Vitamin E intake:

Vitamin E is a great source for your skin health as it provides elasticity to your skin and it is another way to get rid of double chin. Vitamin E can be taken in the form of supplements as well as through natural foods like leafy vegetable, onions, sweet corn, beans, liver, apples and brown rice. These foods can be included in your daily diet and also taken along with the vitamin E supplement.

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3. Milk:

A face mask made of milk and honey can act like a toner to your skin beneath your chin. It tightens the chin area. Milk can also be applied on your chin area with gentle massage. Leave it on for some time and rinse off. This gives a better and a quicker result.

4. Egg whites:

Everybody knows egg white acts as an excellent skin tightener and make you look younger. Facial masks containing egg white can be applied on your chin area to reduce your chin looking fat. Milk, honey, and lemon juice are added to give a boost of freshness to your skin. This will definitely give fast and remarkable results within a week if done regularly.

5. Water:

Water helps removes extra fat from your body if taken in an amount as per required by our body daily. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses will help flush out toxins and excess fat from your body thus making your skin healthy and making your double chin appear less fat. Fruits like melons contain more water content also help in weight loss and extra fat from your body.

6. Do neck and chin exercises:

Tilt your head from side to side. Facing towards the ceiling and pouting towards it tone up the skin under your chin. This can be done several times during the day. These exercises will also make your neck muscles flexible that might have become stiff due to stress or wrong posture.

7. Posture:

It is necessary to sit or stand in a right posture making your neck upright and straight. Don’t drop your shoulders and curve your spine while working on a computer or watching TV as It will strain your neck and give space for fat to build up in your body especially chin area.

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