7 Remedies To Get Rid of Eye Bags

As aging creeps in slowly in each one of us lives the earth’s gravity also start to affect us. The skin under our eyes become loose and sags. There are other factors also that are responsible for eye bags besides old age. Those can be stress, tiredness, crying, lack of sleep, water retention due to high sodium diet, allergies or fatigue. Even if u gets up early in the morning your eyes appear tired and the skin under your eyes get swollen. You would never want to go to office or school with that puffiness so here are some simple and effective home remedies to get rid of eye bags and look fresh.


Cold splash:

As soon as you get up from your bed in the morning try splashing cold water directly into your eyes. The cold temperature regulates the blood circulation and will help bringing back the muscles under your eyes to normal.

Tea bag therapy:

Used tea bags can be put in the freezer overnight. These should be kept on your eyes when you have puffiness. This can also increase the blood circulation around your face and eyes. Tea bags contain a substance called tannin that helps in tightening the skin thus reducing that droopiness around your eyes.

Cucumber cold:

You must have heard about that analogy “ as cool as cucumber!!”. Yes the phrase says it all. Freshly cut slices of cucumber can be kept on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. It is a wonderful remedy to heal the bulging eye bags. While keeping the slices you can take a short nap. Cucumber Is anti inflammatory and it helps in soothing your eyes and reduces the puffiness.

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An eye cream or a moisturizer that contains Vitamin E or Aloe Vera extract can be applied around the eye area as it will help protect your eyes and hold off the puffiness.

Egg whites:

Once you have used an egg for making your breakfast, take that broken egg shell and wipe out some remaining egg white and apply to the area under eyes. Egg white tightens the skin and makes it look less puffy. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse off well.

Eating habit:

You will probably end with getting up with eye bags if you had a salty dinner last night. Salt retains the water in your body that becomes quite evident from your eyes when you get up from a deep sleep. Avoid such foods which have high sodium content. Drink adequate amount of water to help flush out extra salt from your body. Regular water retention can cause your eye bag area to stretch and it would be difficult to return them back to normal. Avoid drinking Alcohol late nights as it also causes water retention.

Cosmetic Solutions:

To permanently cure eye bag problem you should go for a medical treatment like Botox and Hyaluronic filler. A number of people have opted for a surgery that would remove extra fat around the eye area and tightens the skin thus reducing puffiness to a great extent.