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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Fleas or ticks are small wingless insects that jump on their legs. They feed on blood of your pets make them sick. Blood sucking can make your pet anemic. This anemia could possibly kill them. If your pet has in infestation of fleas on their skin, you will see them scratching constantly. This could lead to their discomfort and misery. A kind of a flea allergy found in pets like cats and dogs is dermatitis. Fleas lay eggs after sucking blood from the animal. These eggs probably fall on your carpet floor, beds and everywhere where your pet moves about.

Here are some easy and quick tips that can be taken to free your cat from fleas.


A vacuum cleaner can be helpful in pulling all the fleas from carpets to curtains and from wooden floor to furniture. They usually hide in small nick and corner of your house. Vacuuming cannot completely make you get rid of fleas from your house but the vigorous vibration can make the fleas pull away even from their cocoons. The contents that gather inside the vacuum bag should be disposed off carefully outside the house.


After vacuuming you need to spray a flea killer spray that even kills their eggs and larvae. See the label of the spray if the really kill them. Spray on all the areas you have vacuumed and even on places that are hard to reach. Don’t forget to spray on dark areas as fleas tend to hide in dark places.

Cat’s home cleaning:

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Clean your cat’s sleeping bed and spray it with insecticide. You can spray in open areas like garden or yard where the cat’s roams about.

Isolate the cat:

Make your cat stay outside your house or lock it up in a separate room and should not be brought in contact with other house objects till you make your cat flea free.

Wash everything:

Wash the clothes of every family member of the house especially childrens’ and spray them with a disinfectant so as to kill the fleas eggs or larvae inside. Wash the entire house bedding with hot water. This will help killing the fleas. Clean your furniture by wiping it with vinegar or citrus oil. Citrus oil will repel the fleas. You can repeat this every two days.

Bathing your pet:

Cleanliness will keep fleas away from your cat. Bathe your cat every day with an anti flea bath using a flea shampoo. Make your own flea dip by adding rosemary leaves to a boiling water with few drops of lemon. Add this mixture to a tub of water and pour it all over your cat. This will keep flea away from your cat’s body. After bath when the cat is still wet you can comb away they fleas and ticks from your cat’s fur. A specially designed flea comb can be used for this purpose. You Can pick the fleas out by using a pair of tweezers too.

Pesticides that kill fleas should not be used on cats as they are very harmful to pets and can cause severe nerve damage including respiratory failure. They can be harmful for the children too if you have any who handle or play with the pets. The above are the several natural ways in which you can combat the fleas and are safer and cheaper. Consult a vet before treating your cat with fleas.

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