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Methods to Get Rid of Gas in Stomach

Burping in public may set off to annoy you at most of the times. Burping, belching or making some other sounds may all come naturally. Also, many people have complained to have quite an unearthly problem relating to unkempt flatulence which may indulge them to pass gas in private or even in public. Gas may not be hazardous to health, but, what may cause the gas to occur a sudden problem.

Gas may involved with a variety of causes. Gas may be affiliated with contaminated food such as junk food and excessive amount of potatoes. Also, gas is usually caused by the amount of air prevailing in one’s stomach. As alcohol and chewing gum are on the top list for causing gas in the afflicted people, there are some other cases as well which may cause others to be affected with the annoying problem of gas in their stomach.

Remedies to Get Rid of Gas in Stomach:


It is always recommended to eat slowly and chew the ingested food at least 32 times so that it can be digested easily. Intestinal gas is mainly caused by this factor and people may be seen going out for their second or third winds if they eat too fast or gulp down enormous loaves of food.


Exercise is not only to keep you smart and fit on the exterior. Exercise is also required to keep a balance of your food in your stomach during digestion. Exercise or any physical movement may help to speed up the digestion process and may eradicate any gas problems that would have been making you restless.

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We are not just talking about the casual tea that you may drink on a daily basis. Usually, when one is afflicted with gas problems, peppermint and green tea are considered to be the best aids that he may choose after his meals. Drinking green tea once or twice a day may also help to keep your body systems active other than alleviating an obnoxious gas problem.


Are you taking some foods that may be akin for giving you the worst gas problems? Perhaps you are. Green vegetables may look refreshing but too much consumption of them may result in some of the worst gas problems that you may have never even imagined of. A balanced diet is always required for a compatible digesting process. Too much consumption of sweets, potatoes and beans may also result in disrupted digestion and your intestine may get prone to gas due to starchy foods.

Secondly, water is deeply recommended for this purpose as well. Water helps in digestion as fluids tend to provide the solvent that is required for the mixture of food. Also, as previously recommended, there should be a dietary pact that should be followed involving a keen mixture of fluids, sweets, starch and fibre as well as the latter helps in digestion.


Stress and anxiety are also two factors which may reach out inwards and provoke a gas problem for individuals of the notice. For this purpose, breathing should be adequately managed which is the most common factor involved in anxiety.

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