How to Get Rid of Gnats

Ever wondered from where those little bugs come when you buy a bunch of bananas or any other fresh fruit from the grocery store and keep them on your tabletop to munch them on any time? Those tiny annoying creatures are gnats. Gnat is a member of a fly family commonly known as fruit fly. They resemble mosquitoes in shape but are quite smaller. They mostly get infected implants and breed in damp places. Found mostly near open trash bins. They are troublesome and keep on coming back and can gather in a swarm around the kitchen counters and dining area where mostly eatables are kept and keep buzzing around your face and ears and nose. Need to know really easy and inexpensive remedies to keep these pesky pests from flying back? Here are few tips to get rid of Gnats.

Gnat Trap:

It is the most effective way of trapping gnats around your house. Take a wide mouth jar and fill it with apple cider vinegar- found almost in all the kitchens. Gnats are attracted to the aroma of apple. Cover the jar with a plastic wrap and poke small holes with a sharp pointed end. A hole should be as bigger to let the gnat pass through. Put the jar on places where gnats fly over like window edges where plants are kept, kitchen counters, dining area, near trash bins. Soon the gnats get trapped inside the jar and can be dumped easily when it gets lots of them trapped and killed inside. Try refilling the jar with few spoonfuls of fresh vinegar every day as its fresh smell will keep charming the gnats.

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Re planting :

Once gnats entered your house, they are more likely to find a damp and wet place to live in and to lay their offspring. If you have any indoor plants with organic soil being watered daily they get attracted towards it. Try changing the gnat crowded pot plant with a new and fresh soil or let the old soil dried off by exposing it in the sun. That will help kill the larvae and prevent plant from decaying.

A dilute spray can be made with a few drops of lemon scented dish wash liquid and water to spray on the plant as it will kill the gnats rather than making them fly away.

Using covered trash bins

Open trash and litter bins invite gnats. As the bins contain lots of discarded food infected with fungus it is highly appealing to gnats. Try putting the bins in an open area outside the house after throwing any rotten fruit or leftovers. Covering the trash bin is highly recommended.

Keeping fresh fruits once bought in the refrigerator instead of open counters is a good idea to avoid any future hassle with these flies.

Yellow Charm:

Gnats are fascinated by yellow colour. Take a yellow sticky tape or any other same coloured paper and apply a thin layer of honey at one end. Keeping the sticky end up, place it somewhere where gnats are around. They’ll get stick to it. Once it gets fully covered by them, just dispose it off safely. You can try other sticky substances like petroleum jelly, a candy or a lollipop.

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Gnat eradication is quite simple and effective if known and treated at a right time.