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How to Get Rid of Lice

Lice are ectoparasites which live on the scalp and suck blood from it. As they move around the hair follicles, this may pose as itching and tense scratching. Since, they are ectoparasites as they live on the head, they can be killed by any respective pediculicide. Pediculicides can be available in any drugstore and prescriptions are not even necessary for this purpose.

Unlike other endoparasites such as viruses and bacteria which pose many harmful effects for the body, lice are considered to be gross and not as much harmful as the former. Lice may invade the heads which are likely to be dirty as hygiene also plays a major role in this situation. However, anyone can present with a rising lice problem and this would require immediate therapy as no one can really endure the itching and the scratching that these lice may bring for the host.

Lice are also known to the world as nits and they are quite common in water-deprived individuals. Also, as these lice can fly, they can invade and attain companionship on any head. In actual terms, nits are actually the eggs of head lice or young lice which may live close to the scalp and pose further itching as compared to the latter instead.


There are quite a lot of remedies that one can use and take help for the astounding eradication of head lice. These remedies may range from the use of head lotions applicable for their profound removal to certain others imposed on manual grounds. Many people may have their children seated for hours on the end and would prefer to indulge in taking each and every nit out from their follicles.

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There are certain specialized combs available in the markets which are useful for fretting out the head lice. Nits however do pose a problem as they would remain in the busy streets of these follicles and may impose damage later on when they actually develop.

As also mentioned above, the most suitable treatment for all ages afflicted with head lice would be the usage of the comb and conditioner treatment. This treatment has been approved in the keen hospitals of Australia and America as well. However, even if such treatments were not approved, one would find themselves using the aforementioned methodologies for the eradication of itching by head lice.


The conditioner treatment may pose problems and havoc for the eyes if they are not covered during amenable rinsing and application. The first treatment kills the parent lice and the second may kill all those nits which were hatched from the eggs. In some cases, it is recommended to use the lotion (available at any drugstore under different labels. This lotion possesses chemicals derived from the flower, chrysanthemum which acts as a killing agent for lice, hence, the term ‘pediculicide’) twice or thrice a week for better and progressive results.

After the lotion has been rinsed thoroughly, one can always refer to the comb treatment for further eradication of miniature nits that may have somehow sufficed the lotion attack.



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