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How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Every woman in the world faces painful cramps during her menstrual cycle every month. Some Women have much painful cramps while some women can bear with them without any medication. This is the most common problem with the women when they reach their puberty or child bearing age. As soon as your menstrual cycle starts or when the menstrual flow is just about to begin the change of hormones in your body releases a chemical called prostaglandin that makes your uterus muscle contract to such an extent that it presses against other blood vessels thus blocking their oxygen supply. Due to this woman experience pain in her lower abdomen or sometimes in stomach. There are several ways to get rid of menstrual cramps and relief from this pain that can be effective.

Taking Pain killer:

Anti inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen is very effective against these cramps.  However if you are having such cramps during your each month’s cycle a medical advice is recommended before taking this drug. A dose of 400 mg tablet can be taken thrice a day till the pain subsides.

Hot water bag treatment:

Heat relieves pain to a great level. Most of the doctors recommend this therapy in menstrual cramping. Fill a hot water bottle with hot water and keep it on your lower abdomen for 15 minutes. You can repeat after small intervals till the intensity of cramps gets lesser.

A hot water bath can also be taken by filling a tub with hot water and putting some salt in it.Immerse your lower body in that water. This method will relax your muscles.

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Vitamins :

Your gynecologist can prescribe you the right kind of vitamins to be taken before your menstrual cycle starts or even regularly. They include a specific dosage of Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and B6. Fish oil supplements can also relax you from your horrible feeling as they contain omega-3 fatty acids that cure the cramps.


Women who are physically fit experience less cramps. A regular regime of exercise of half an hour or a good walk daily can help reduce the chances of facing the agony of painful menstrual periods. A simple exercise at home can be lying on your back and elevating your legs a little higher than your body level. This increases the blood circulation towards your uterus thus reducing pain. Massage your body from abdomen to your lower back if possible. Sit –ups work on your abdominal muscles  and can reduce pain.

Watch what you eat:

Alcohol intake and smoking should be avoided before or during your cycle. Adequate rest is a remarkable healer against pain. Teas, colas, chocolate or even coffee intake should be withdrawn during your period as caffeine makes your cramps more dreadful.

Contraceptive Pills:

A Contraceptive pill thins the lining of the uterus so there would be fewer contractions during your period. Another version of this pill can also taken that allows your period flow every three months if you have a terrible pain that cannot be unavoidable.

Eating a potassium diet:

Cramps might be due to deficiency of potassium in your body. Eating a banana may reduce the intensity of cramps. Other foods include white beans, leafy green vegetables, dried fruits like apricots and raisins and fish are potassium rich foods.

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By following the above mentioned ways painful menstrual cramps should be treated and avoided before they start annoying you.



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