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Methods to Get Rid of Mice

Mice in your house is one of the disturbing problem which leads to many beneficial loses as well in some sort of situations. Here we discuss to prevent mice from entering your house and how to get rid of mice by using various methods.


Checking for Mice:

  • Perhaps creepy and crawling lizards would not be too much of a notice if they were compared with rolling mice. The presence of mice may produce a certain gnawing or squeaking sound. However, one should also keep this in notice that those squeaking sounds may also come from surrounding doors or other parts of the furniture.
  • When mice are roaming about in the house, there are also some possibilities that traces of poop and pellets may be found which would prove the suspicion.

Ways To Get Rid of Mice:

Getting rid of mice may pose a problem in the beginning. As far as hygiene is considered, you can not be sure that the gnawing and squeaking sounds are coming from mice only or your furniture. But, you surely can not surpass the gruesome thought of imagining your place being scattered with mice. If you have only your ears prone to noises and you can not see any proof which may be in favour of the mice using your place as a preferable hide-out, then, you would initially need to confirm your suspicion.

However, if your suspicion has enough proof, you may need certain measures for their eradication. Usually, many people do not like taking the drastic measures which may involve certain techniques for their killing and death.

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Before you choose some drastic measures to be proceeded with, you should at once close all entries to your house and remove bits of food from the ground if scattered. Also, you should close the lids of the jars containing food tightly so that the mice may not get even a little scent of food being dispersed or scattered anywhere in the house.

By doing this, your house will become mouse-proof and also bug-proof as bugs and ants are mostly attracted to sweets and other starchy food which may be lying aimlessly on the floors in the house.



After you have sealed all the keen places involved in giving way to mice, you should wait for a day or two for some more proof regarding their roaming whereabouts. If you see any more pellets scattered on the ground, then it may be wise for you to keep a trap next to that position as this confirms that the mice may lurk around the place where they have egested.

These traps are recommended by Cornell University as well so one may be sure of himself before using the traps. These traps should also be placed in water pipes and in other places around the home, but, there should be some precautions that one may consider taking. The traps are harmful for children, and hence, they should be kept out of their reach.


In the end, one should check for a week or two by placing traps in different places around the house and should also check for litter. If none of the aforementioned two are visible, then it may be good for you to declare victory in eradicating mice from your house.  You should consider cleaning your house with bleach in order to rid your place with any of the pathogens that may have escaped from the bodies of the dead mice.
However, you should take some other precautions as well which would involve insulators such as aerosol and other meshwork around the places with keen possibilities of entries.

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