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How to Get Rid of Razor Burn – Prevention Tips Includes

Razor burn is the irritation of skin that causes small red bumps or rashes around the hair follicle that appears right after you shave any part of your body. This can be caused if you have used a blunt razor, shaved forcefully or by pulling up your skin thus making your skin inflamed. Sometimes these bumps are itchy and gets even worse if you scratch them. It is more common on the areas where you shave occasionally like face, bikini line or armpits. It can appear on any other part of the body the same way rather being less sensitive. You should use a proper way of shaving to avoid the razor burn to appear. Razor burns not only appear as a result of a poor shaving method but they appear even if you use a depilatory, an electric shaver or wax. Ingrown hair also causes razor burn. Let’s discuss about the prevention and  how to rid of razor burn.


Razor burns can be prevented in a number of ways.

1. Don’t shave daily. If you do so you can never allow the razor burn or razor bumps to heal which will end up in more severe rashes. Shaving every other day will give the skin time to get away with the rash naturally.

2. Always use a sharp razor. Single blade razor is a better option than a 2 or 3 blades razor.

3. If you are using an old razor make sure that the razor is clean and wash it off with an antibacterial solution before using.

4. Don’t stretch or pull the skin up while shaving. This will expose the skin more to the blade and shaving deeply will break the skin causing inflammation and eventually razor burns.

5. Try using a gel or a foam instead of using an ordinary bar soap to make lather before shaving. Massage the lather gently all over the hair area. This will allow hair to become soft and can be smoothly shaved.

6. Always wash your skin with splashes of cold water after shaving as this will help close the pores and prevent the skin from any bacteria that could possibly find its way inside. This will help prevent burning after shaving.

7. Shaving should not be done against the direction of hair growth as it will irritate the skin more and aggravate the problem.

8. Don’t wear tight clothes over areas that have razor burn to allow the skin to breathe.

Healing Razor burns

1. Apply a moisturizer after shaving.

2. A hydrocortisone cream is effective in getting rid of bumps fast. It makes the inflamed skin soft and also works as a moisturizer.

3. Creams and ointments containing glycol acid is a best remedy to cure razor burns.

4. Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera pulp taken directly from the leaf can be applied on the affected area will soothe the rashes and burns.

5. Cucumber mask is a good home remedy for razor burns. Puree the cucumber and apply the paste all over the skin to give a cool treatment. This will also help in closing the pores.

If you get the pimple sized burns that have pus in them and they are quite stingy, consult a doctor to avoid any infection.

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