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How To Get Rid Of Shin Splints

Shin splints are quite common in which the muscles of the calf may get stretched due to inappropriate posture. Shin splints can be avoided or made better only if one adheres to appropriate exercises and the right postures. Walking in heels at times may seem classy and graceful, but, if you are wearing them all the time, then there is a possibility that your calves may get tired and result in a shin splint when taking the next step quite abruptly.

They are not fatal and may not even result in complete fractures or sprains that would require casts for the breaking of tissues. In this case, none of the above happens and shin splints can be easily cured with a little care and attention. Shin splints are usually experienced by athletes. However, athletes also know how to get rid of shin splints as they always have certain paramedics on board for their utmost care.


For the amateur athlete, pole-vaulting, jumping or any such exercise can result in a minute blow to the leg which would hamper him to run properly or even walk casually. They can be avoided by stretching the calves for about a half a minute daily in order to excite the shins and to get them accustomed of the fact.

When you are on the route of becoming an athlete, bearing a shin splint is mostly considered to be a normal ailing rather than considering it to be something serious like the hamstring pull of the cervical fracture. Of course, the latter two are major ailments and may deprive the athlete from even playing a casual game of basketball which would involve just dribbling on standing while the basket is being dunked.

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Okay, there is also the possibility that the sole of your three-year old shoes have worn out and they are the reason why you can not run properly enough. The prolonged exertion in making the right moves through inertia may be possible in giving rise to your shin splints. In this case, you would consider tackling your piggy bank and heading for some good sporting shops for the best shoes that are idealistic for running and jogging.


Every day for about a half an hour, jog about in the park and do some stretching exercises. There are lots of exercises that are recommended which would include cardio exercises as well. However, in order to keep your shins hyperactive, it is better to crouch on the ground and stretch your calves. These exercises could also be called as crunching exercises and they will also be better for your tummy.


During a shin splint, try resting as much as you can and prevent walking or running on the injured leg. When you lie down, stretch the affected calf and ice it for some time. The stretching would help to keep the blood from moving all around the leg instead of just the area surrounding the splint.



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