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How To Get Rid of Static Cling – 11 Techniques

Static cling is caused by accumulation of electrical charges in objects especially clothes in dry weather. When two objects come in contact with each other they tend to exchange electrons thus giving each other an opposite charge. This makes the objects get stick to each other. Here are some ways in which static cling can be removed and make you feel comfortable.

How To Get Rid of Static Cling


Running a metal over your clothes

As soon as you wear clothes especially thin fabrics like silk, run a metal over your clothes to discharge the electricity. This help in removing the static cling between your body and the cloth.

Avoid rubber shoes

Rubber shoes should be replaced with leather shoes as rubber gathers charges easily where as leather does not.

Using a fabric softener

A fabric softener spray or a fabric conditioner can be used over and inside  your clothes that usually cling to your body. This spray can be used on your body where your body rub against the cloth.

Hide a pin under your shirt 

Wearing clothes that have a metal safety pin tucked inside can prevent building of static charges as metal discharges the charge build up. This method keeps you away from having an abrupt shock while touching a doorknob or any other metal surface. It also prevents clinging of clothes to your body.

Washing technique

Static charge build up can be avoided if the clothes are washed with a quarter cup of baking soda in your washing machine. Baking soda neutralizes the static charge and does not allow any positive or negative charge to build up in clothes.

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Vinegar wash

Vinegar makes the clothes soft and prevents them to become dry and hard in dry weather. Vinegar has charge neutralizing properties too. White vinegar can be mixed with the water of your washing machine before starting any wash. Apple cider vinegar can also be used but it is not a good option for white clothes.

Metal foil

While washing clothes in the washing machine a small ball made from aluminum foil can be popped into the water. The metal ball discharges any charge build up during the whirling of the machine.

Natural drying

Allow washed clothes to completely dry in the air rather than making them fully dried in the tumble dryer. Heat produce charge buildup on the clothes.

Using Humidifiers

To avoid any static cling or a sudden shock, the moisture can be added to a dry atmosphere by using a humidifier. It increases the humidity and the building up of charges can be prevented.


Apply a light moisturizer every time you handle clothes or wear them. Moisturizing removes dryness thus preventing static charge on your skin that would not be attracting any other charged cloth towards it.

Controlling hair charge

Your hair mostly builds up static charge as they are often brushed or rub against the comb or a hair brush. Using silicone based conditioners or serums can help make your hair smooth and soft. These products create a barrier around each hair thus preventing any charge to build up.



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