How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Ever wondered why sugar ants are referred to as pharaoh ants? Usually, they work blindly for a single queen which may direct them for the collection of food before winter strikes. There may be more female ants than males and surprisingly, the latter do not even work in bringing food for the queen ant.

Ants usually prefer to live in sand hills which they themselves construct and may even look tempting to crush. However, if you crush the hill with your foot, you may not even know it, but hundreds of ants would have started crawling up your leg and biting you at all places like if there is no tomorrow. However, ants are not easy to get rid off. They smell sweet things made of sugar and honey and leap up to them as if bees leap towards an orchard full of nectar.

Here, we are talking about ants and the possible ways of curing your house from them. First of all, not everyone has the kind of patience that they will learn to tackle home remedies for this sweet purpose. Ignoring the pun, it is easy to kill the ants by spraying an insecticide on the entire troop and hence, declare victory in the process.

However, if you really do not want more families of these ants to infest your house, then it is better to take a look as to what you are doing inside the house which may act as a mere attraction to them. Sugar ants may bear a deadly appearance and would be clearly brown or fire-red in colour. Their bites are also toxic than the regular ones and you would keep on itching for about a few days until the bite is cured.

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The first thing that you can do in order to free your house from ants is to properly insulate all possible entries that can act as a reservoir for ants. Ants are pretty clever and even a minute space can seem as a wholesome for them. If you even leave food on the table for about an hour, these ants would scramble by in about an= half n hour or so and would devour on the food instead of you.

You can also get rid of ants by marking their possible inhabitants and spraying them with insecticide. If you do not wish to kill them, you can always try another simpler technique (as bait). You can always take a jar and place some jelly or honey to it. After that, place the jar where the ants are usually found running about in your place. Collect them in the jar and dispose off the jar somewhere else other than your own backyard.

In the end, you can always call for an exterminator to come up and free your yard from all of the hills of these pesky ants. Remember, keeping the jars containing food items tightly closed is the only way to shoo the ants away. When the ants would not sense anything sweet coming in from your place, they would themselves evacuate.