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Best Remedies To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Beauty and perfection are some of those traits that a woman may long for or may strive for. However, one can beautify herself to the extent with the help of makeup that is available in the market but, at times; you also wish to be beautiful without taking any help from any external applications.

Usually, what troubles women nowadays is the amount of excessive hair that sums up on their chins or sideburns. Also, there are some other parts of the body that may be akin to hair such as under the thighs where usually smoothness and silkiness is at its peak.

Before we actually consider the remedies for the removal of unwanted hair, we should consider what exactly causes their excessive growth. Growth of hair is directly proportional to the levels of testosterone in the body. As everyone should know, there are certain hormones such as estrogens in your body that particularly play the role of enhancing your secondary sexual characteristics as soon as you cross puberty. Testosterone is usually considered to play a major role in males, but, its excessive quantity in females might be seen on the exterior in the face of ample unwanted hair on different parts of face and other body parts. Below are some remedies to get rid of unwanted hair:


Nowadays, there are a lot of products in the market that women can use in order to preserve their beauty. In order to remove unwanted hair, the best choice which may be considered here would be in the favourable account of waxing. However, waxing can pose a problem for many women when it comes to use hot wax on some of their most sensitive areas of which the face would be a prime example.

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However, there a lot of natural remedies that are recommended for this purpose, but, one should keep this in mind that these tips usually do not work for the entire creed. There may be some allergic reactions that you may encounter depending on your skin quality. Therefore, it is always recommended to apply a  natural paste on to a slight part of your wrist or anywhere else which would prove its application may be useful.


If you have excessive testosterone levels as the sole cause for the excessive growth of hair, then you may consider spearmint tea for this purpose as it helps to reduce testosterone levels. Spearmint tea can be easily made at home with the help of some boiling water and spearmint. You can drink the mixture twice a day for better results.


Sugar wax is also considered to be one of the best remedies for the removal of unwanted hair. However, for this purpose, there is no requirement for you to actually visit a salon and spend some money on a monthly basis. Sugar wax can be easily made by combining a teaspoon of pure sugar, a pint of lemon juice and nearly the same quantity for water in a saucepan.

Initially, you should dust your skin, preferably with some cornstarch and then use a craft stick for the application of sugar wax. After it is applied, use mild cotton over the sugar wax so that it may be removed instantly.  If the skin is taut, unwanted hair should be removed quite easily.


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Gram flour and turmeric powder are considered to be the best among the best for the removal of unwanted hair, preferably on sensitive areas. They help to brighten the skin as well and deter hair growth for competitive periods.



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