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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are fine lines that primarily appear on the face and neck of a person who approaches their middle age. Wrinkles are a result of collagen level decrease in your body, thus the skin loses its elasticity and sags. Their appearance is unavoidable but by taking proper skin care and knowing the factors that cause them one can delay their frequency of display. Aging is not only the cause of wrinkles. There are a lot more reasons that develop them prematurely.

Factors causing wrinkles

Smoking, exposure to UV light, not wearing a sunscreen out in the sun, lack of moisturizing, skin texture, constant facial expressions causing fine lines, water soaking for a long time, not getting enough sleep, alcohol intake, over washing, poor diet, stress, dehydration and some genetic factors are responsible for wrinkles.

Everybody would love to get rid of these frown lines and smoothen their skin as early as they start getting visible. There are many expensive methods to treat these ridges like Botox, Laser treatment, Wrinkle Fillers, Chemical peels and face lifts but here are some of the natural ways to combat these natural folds.

Methods To Get Rid of Wrinkles:

Taking care

Hygiene and hydration is a key to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. You should do proper cleansing especially the removal of makeup should be done properly following by an application of a light moisturizer. . Milk and honey are natural cleansers that helps cleansing the pores from dirt. Milk has alpha hydroxy acid that deep cleans and honey helps in retaining the moisture of the skin.A sunscreen with SPF 30 is necessary before going out in the sun

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Face masks

After washing your face, a mask made with yogurt, honey and banana can be applied using your fingers and leave it for 15 minutes. Yogurt and honey tightens the skin and bananas hydrate the skin. Wipe off the mask with a clean cloth and wash your face with water.  Don’t forget to apply a light moisturizer as it will lock the skin natural oils and hydration.

Lemon scrub

Rubbing a half cut lemon on your wrinkle area twice a day will make you see the difference within a day or two. Lemon is an excellent skin tightner. It also acts as a toner. After washing a light moisturizer is necessary as lemon usually makes the skin dry.


Vitamins are a natural and effective remedy to make your skin look younger and healthy. Vitamin E protects your skin from the damaging rays of the sun and pollution that causes wrinkles.  Vitamin C found in oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits tighten the skin giving a wrinkle free and younger look. These fruits also help to improve collagen levels of your skin. Vitamin K found in green vegetables also helps in blood circulation in the capillaries under the skin.

Stress Control

Watching television and looking out in the sun causes skin to stress on forehead and around eyes. Daily moisturizing and other face relaxing products should be applied to reduce the formation of deep wrinkles. Hydration and proper sleep also helps reduce stress. One should avoid smoking too.



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