Top 11 Hardest Exams In The World

Last Updated on 7th March 2022

Exams…  Doesn’t this word give you a strange feeling all inside? And if we talk about the toughest exams, it gets difficult to absorb.

Exams have always been the scariest thing for a lot of students out there. But at the end of the day, being a successful human with a bright future has never been so easy.

Have you ever imagined how tough would the exams be when it comes to hardest exams in the world? And why are they even taken? Countries basically desire to split the bright creams from the rest of the package.

Top 11 Hardest Exams In The World

Here are the 11 top toughest exams around the world:


This is the National admission test for law. It was established in 2004 conducted in UK for admissions in the top law universities. Students get 135 minutes to finish the test and it is basically designed to check the reasoning expertise of the candidate.


IES is all about handling the managerial and technical services of the Indian government. Hence, the government is very selective in top listing the highly competitive candidates who appeared in the test.

It includes six tests with duration of 12 hours. Besides that, a personality test is also conducted.

In 2010, there was 1, 57,649 applicants who appeared in the test and the selected ones were only 434!  Scary, Right!

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This is a Chartered Financial Analyst Exam. The Wall Street Journal has declared this exam as the hardest exam in the world.

It consist of three stages, and the starting two stages holds MCQ format questions and the last one comprises of subjective questions which are essay type along with some more multiple choice questions. Most of the applicants have given the test repeatedly in the past records and not more than one fifth candidates have passed the CFA test.


Accounts have been another toughest field around the Globe, so offcourse its exam will also require some degree of difficulty. It is basically a three stage exam supervised by the Institute of Chartered Accountant Of India. Students give their sweat and blood off to pass each level but still many gives repeated attempts.


So, here comes the next dangerous exam.

Qualifying this test is not an easy mission at all. This exam is not only challenging but it is expensive at the same time as you have to pay $450 to appear, Apart from that it is a two-step exam, you can only appear in the next step if you pass the first stage and for the next step you have to pay another $1500 dollars.  Even lesser then 1% candidates succeed.


The Mensa test is conducted worldwide in Mensa society; basically it is a test for individuals with high IQ to test their abilities. Although it has no age limit but you must score 98% to ace it!


Named as the hardest exam held in the US, testing the ability and knowledge of the applicant to practice medicine as it is a matter of life and death it has to be tough. It is a three stage exam and grants M.D degree to the applicants.

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The GATE test in India, also adds in the list as the hardest engineering exams in the world. Recently, only 15.05% of the total applicants who took the exam were shortlisted.


When it comes to health, no compromise can be accepted. With that said another tough exam taken, often difficult to crack is for admission in medical colleges. It requires knowledge of all subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics, English and general knowledge. It comprises of multiple choice questions for assessing your skills and critical thinking abilities.

All Souls Prize Fellow Ship Exam

It is held in Oxford University. But the most unbelievable part is that it selects only two out of all candidates that appeared in the exam for fellowship.

The Gaokao test

This is the toughest exam conducted in China for entering any one of the top colleges. It is a mandatory test for students willing to go for higher education. Only 0.2% of students manage to score the required marks to enter the top colleges.


So, these were some of the toughest exams that are conducted worldwide. There would be no such candidates who do not dream to succeed in these exams. But at the same time we cannot deny the fact that there are some fields in the world which requires a lot of responsibilities without any loopholes.

So these hardest exams in the world are made harder and harder to separate the creams with god gifted talents for the betterment of mankind.