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How to Clean Laminate Floors – Easy Method

Laminated flooring is an intricacy of synthetic layers which are joined together using the lamination method. Laminate flooring has great appeal because it is great to look at because it resembles floorings that are made from natural materials such as; hardwood and marble. With this amazing appearance comes a cheap cost in comparison to the natural raw materials otherwise used for flooring. However maintaining this laminated floor is an arduous task indeed and one should be aware that it requires strict looking after to keep it like it was when first installed. Let’s indulge ourselves in learning how to clean laminate floors.

Things you should not do

Even though the physical effort you need to put in to make sure your laminate floors stays clean is low you need to realize that they are not at all impervious to everything. There are number of things you should not do with laminate floors that are accepted for other floors.

Regular dusting is a must, make sure you keep a dry mop or towel handy for daily wipes of the floor. Laminate floors easily accumulate dust and what you should not do is let that dust accumulate. The Swiffer is a product which easily lives up to the requirements of this task and will not leave you out of breath by a long shot.

Do not use regular floor cleaners such as the common pine scented ones. These cleaners will leave behind soapy residue. This can be a great hazard as well, because the floor is left slippery because of these cleaners and anyone can easily fall when coming in contact with the residue.

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A downside to laminate floors is that they are very susceptible to scratches and nicks. High heels can easily leave behind indentations on a laminate floor. Pets with long nails as well can scratch up a laminate floor easily, especially cats. Make sure you keep your pets nails cut, and also make sure you walk barefoot on a laminate floor.

Removing Stains!

There are many different types of stains that can be left on laminate floors. From bloodstains, liquor stains, heel stains to even crayon marks. However a good thing about them is that it can easily be cleaned if done properly

To get rid of blood stains, it is highly advised to use any regular window spray and wipe it up with a dry cloth. Now removing liquor stains, the easiest way is to use a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol and rubbing the spot profusely. Getting rid of grease stains is tricky business. Get an icepack and apply it to the stain, once it gets hard, use any sort of thin edge to scrape away at the grease. Use window cleaner to eradicate the remaining residue. To get rid of crayon marks you should use a dry cloth with mineral spirits to wipe it off, however if that does not work, toothpaste is the best solution. Eliminating of heel marks is an easy and fun task, use any old pencil eraser and your floor will be good as new! The great thing about laminate floors is how easily they can be maintained, all it takes iEs a good eye.



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