How to Get Rid of Pink Eye

Pink eye is another name for conjunctivitis. It is the inflammation of the eye membrane that covers the white part of the eyes and the inside of the eyelids. It is a kind of an infection that heals on its own in a few days or a week. During this illness the white part of the eyes become pink or red in colour giving a watery or sticky discharge. Eyes become very itchy and inflamed. Pink eye is caused by either of the bacteria, virus or an allergy.

Viral conjunctivitis is a contagious disease. Eyes become very itchy and watery discharge is given out. It takes a week to heal. Although the medication can prolong to three weeks. It affects both the eyes one after the other.

Bacterial infection in the eyes causes eyes to discharge a green or yellow sticky substance. Having this infection if you get up in the morning you will find your eyelids stick together. This infection is easily treated at home along with an antibiotic treatment. The infection can easily spread from one person to another.

Pink eye caused by allergies make the eyes watery accompanying with a burning or itchy effect.One may have this kind of infection as a result of flu, runny nose or allergy from dust or pollen. This infection is not contagious.

If pink eye becomes dark pink or red in colour , a medical assistance is required as soon as possible.

In several cases pink eye can be treated at home. Here are some tips to get rid of pink eye and heal the eyes fast.

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Remedies for pink eye

Take Anti allergy:

Take an antihistamine medicine. These medicines are responsible to block chemicals called histamines that reacts to allergens giving the symptoms of a pink eye.

Cleaning your eye:

The eyes produce discharge every now and then. So when it gets build up at the eye corner or on the lids, you need to wash or wipe your eyes clean thus preventing any bacteria from growing.


Over the counter eye drops can be bought to relief any itchiness in your eyes. They also make the eyes watery hence flushing the drainage properly. They soothe the eyes and hydrate them.


Use cold or warm compresses on your eyes while closed. A clean cloth can be soaked in the water and kept on each eye for a while in turns can give a soothing effect. Use a separate cloth for each eye.

Contacts removal:

If you wear any contact lenses make sure you don’t wear them until the infection is cured. Using Spectacles is a good choice.

Proper Cleanliness:

Everytime you touch your eyes with your hands, it is extremely important to wash your hands properly as pink eye is a contagious disease and can easily spread to other people around you. Touching your eyes with bare hands is not a healthy and clean option. Use a clean cloth, tissue paper or wipe to clean your eye. Your pillow cover should be changed daily till the infection persists. Do not share your towels and handkerchiefs with anyone.


It is advisable to skip school or office for a few days until the infection subsides or starts to improve.

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