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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

When was the last time you had to apply makeup to conceal the hair on your upper-lip? Make-up would not be considered a better option for this purpose. Make-up makes them more obvious leaving a mild, black patch on your upper lip. Also, there are other areas of your face which may be prone to the excessive growth of facial hair.

Many women may feel like a bear while bearing the most pitiful look on their side-burns which can not be concealed perfectly with make-up. Hair growth is mainly due to the excessive levels of testosterone in females. In males, testosterone is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as the growth of beard and much more hair as compared to Women. Also, this hormone is responsible for the raw manly voice that men possess. Let’s start discussing how to get rid of unwanted facial hair.


For women, the best asset that they may possess is to look perfect even with makeup on. Having hair poses a hindrance at times as make-up would not be enough to shadow the hair on their side-burns or on their upper lip. Some of the best options which range from using lotions and creams for hair removal to tweezers and waxing methods are mentioned below.


Epilator is a device which is easily available in the market. It acts as if there are a hundred minute tweezers hidden under its base. In other words, an epilator acts by pulling off the excessive and the most prominent hair on your skin. However, it may be prickly and a little painful in the start, but, with further practices, the sensation will be reduced and you may get used to it.

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Most women of the world go for bleaching or dyeing their skin rather than using an epilator or other such devices for hair removal. In this regard, bleach is a safe dye which at times, may pose allergic reactions as well. There are variations in the bleach dye as well. Those women who have sensitive and oily skin would definitely not consider going for creams specialized especially for those who have allergic and acne-depicted skins.

Bleach helps make the exposed hair less prominent by dyeing it and matching it with the actual skin colour. However, it may take a couple of days to set and intimate sun exposure is also not recommended.


Waxing is considered to be the best option among the rest, though. Waxing may prove to be beneficial as the hair take quite a long time to grow out. Waxing is the best remedy for the removal of unwanted facial hair as it leaves the skin smooth and glowing, revealing the actual colour hidden by all of those gruesome hair. Secondly, waxing may be painful initially and it may give you acnes as well. For this purpose, it is recommended to apply a mask or a soothing lotion indefinitely or a cream which will any how cure them overnight.

There are also some permanent treatments that women may go for the removal of unwanted facial hair. Laser therapy is somehow on the toplist but it is reported to sprout quite a lot of allergic reactions and pluck your wallet as well. The above mentioned tips are easy and helpful for the usual class and creed out there.

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