10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Last Updated on 7th March 2022

This is a fact that our life has moved ahead from need and more towards luxury. We all want some fantasy in our lives and brand preference has increased day by day.

Some people prefer expensive shoes because of comfort while others prefer them for beauty. Whatever might the reason be, no doubt expensive brands have took the most benefit out of it.

So let’s have a look on the most expensive shoes that are sold worldwide.

Most Expensive Shoes in the World

Nike Women Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Nike is considered as one of the most renowned expensive brands for footwear. It has gained popularity worldwide just because of it being reliable and durable. Despite of it costing hundred dollars, its light weight and comfortable design makes the brand stand out from most.

Stuart Weitzman $3 million

Even the cheapest shoes of Stuart Weitzman cost not less than 1 million dollars. Hence, we can call it the most expensive brand without any reluctance.

Platinum Guild Stilettos

The luxurious feature of platinum guild stilettos is its pearl shaped diamonds which can even be detached from the shoes to be worn as jewelry. If we take a look at its price, it cost 1.09 million USD.

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Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Undoubtedly Weitzman has won the match for the selling most expensive shoes.  Its beauty is enhanced because of its 565 kwiat colorless diamonds with one large 5 carat amaretto diamond. Not just this, it is made from Italian leather. You can get an idea how elegant these slippers might look, but don’t forget its price which is two million USD.


The next expensive and branded footwear costing around 3750 dollars is the Gucci’s. There shoes can certainly become a standout in any type of parties. Not only this, last year this brand released the Sofia Etoile shoes and sold it for 1,195.00 dollars.

Air Jordan 12 OVO

Yet another famous but expensive brand that sneaker made is the Air Jordan 12 OVO shoe. Costing 100,000 dollars makes it popular among the rich. With that said, the brand is well known and used by the major celebrities and sports champions.

Testoni Men’s Shoes

Testoni footwear is made in Italy from the finest fabrics and leathers. Testoni is actually a well-known brand because they manufacture shoes using the finest material. It comes with a price tag of 30,000 dollars a pair.

Big Bois Diamond Studded Air Force 1

Next is the Nikes Air force sneakers which costs 50,000 dollars. Yet it is another expensive but famous brand sold worldwide.

Louis Vuitton

One might think that only women’s shoes can be expensive because of its glamour but all the time this may not be the case. These pair of shoes is sold for 10.000 dollars. It is designed for men with handmade wax croc cowhide, leather sole which is hand painted plus with soft leather linings.

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Ruby Stilettos

Hold your heart for the last expensive pair of Ruby stilletos.

You won’t believe that that the sole of these shoes are made of red satin along with 600 rubies, each of them weighing almost a pound. Of course, you would have guessed its price range. It costs 1.6 million dollars.


So, these were some of the most expensive shoes in the world. It can surely blow anyone’s mind. But it’s all a matter of choices. These days people consider it normal to invest their money on a good pair of shoes.