Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ringworm

Itchy ring like red patches on your skin is a kind of fungal infection called ringworm. Although it has nothing to do with the worm, the name describes the way as its appearance on the skin. Ringworm can infect the scalp, skin, nails and feet. Ringworm is caused by a kind of fungus organism which belong to the group “Dermatophytes”. This is a contagious condition and can spread through a direct or indirect contact with a person or a person’s objects which are shared by another which are once touched by an infected person like combs, towel, dirty and unwashed clothes, shower or swimming pools. It is commonly carried by pets especially cats. A person can also get it from soil contact. Ringworm of nails can cause them to brittle and discolouration of nails takes place. Scalp affected by ringworm can cause baldness of the infected area. Ringworm should be treated as soon as it is identified to avoid any further problems.

Treatment of ringworm

Ringworm is treated by applying an anti – fungal cream on the affected area a couple of times daily. They can include creams containing miconazole nitrate, Fluconazole and clotrimazole. In rare cases an oral medication is also prescribed for several months to eradicate the infection completely.Ringworm of nail and scalp need oral medication where as ringworm of the skin and foot can simply be treated topically.

Natural home remedies for ringworm

One of the following remedy can be used alongside the creams for fungal infection while treating ringworm. These are easy to make at home and are cheaper.

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1. Papaya pulp to be applied to the affected area.

2. Mustard mixed with water and applied cures ringworm.

3. Chamomile tea soothes the area if your drink it or either apply with a cotton ball over the ringworm.

4. Ginger has anti fungal property so it can taken orally.

5. Garlic extract can be taken orally few times a day as it also contain anti fungal properties. Its juice can also be applied to the infected area.

6. Tea tree oil is the best solution for treating almost all the infections caused by fungus.

7. Soaking your hands or feet if they are infected by a ringworm in apple cider vinegar also help in killing the fungus thus stopping it to spread further.

8. To reduce the itchiness, icing can also be done on the affected area. The best way is to freeze a metal spoon in the freezer and then put it on the patch to relieve the itch.

9. Turmeric has antiseptic properties and can also used externally or taken orally for treating ringworm.

10. Use an antibacterial soap in showers or cleaning the infected area.

Ringworm can be prevented if a proper hygiene is practiced. Avoid being in contact people, pets, or touching things of people who have ringworm. Keeps your surrounding areas clean and tidy.The skin should be kept clean and mostly dry. Ringworm spread in a humid or damp environment. One should stay away from these areas. Avoid going in a crowded area. This infection takes time to heal like a couple of weeks and one should show patience in bearing with the treatment process during or after the infection. If the condition keeps on coming back a medical advice is recommended.

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