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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Jewelry Appraisal

Getting online jewelry is one of the great ways for the people who do not want to waste time and want a rapid estimate of the value of the jewelry they have.  However, getting appraisal for your jewelry online has its own advantages and disadvantages.


You get the appraisal immediately: When you are getting appraisal online, you get the appraisal very quickly. The process is painless and does not require much effort from your side. You save on a lot of time from your side.  Typically, you will only have to provide a little bit information about the jewelry.  Normally the information that you have to enter is the type, weight, and purity of the jewelry. Once you have submitted the information, the results will be displayed instantaneously. You will not have to wait for a longer time.

The appraisal is completely free: Getting online appraisal for your jewelry online completely free and does not have any hidden charges.  However, you should not expect a very high quality, but it is a good idea to get an estimated value of your jewelry. Since it is free, there is no harm in trying it out.

You can decide on the estimated value you want for your jewelry:  Since the value of a jewelry requires examination of so many small things, you cannot get an exact value without showing your jewelry to an expert professional. However, the online appraisal will give you a rough idea about the worth of your jewelry and you will get an estimated worth of your jewelry.

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The estimated value of the jewelry is very inaccurate: As it is mentioned above that the online appraisal will give you an estimate of the worth of your jewelry, the estimate value will be rough.  A professional by looking at your jewelry in detail with a microscope will tell you the actual worth and that vary greatly from the estimated value you got online.  So do not sell the jewelry on the estimate you get online, as an expert professional will determine the true value only.

The insurance companies do not recognize online appraisal: If you have an expensive jewelry, then you will need to have it insured. The insurance companies do not recognize the value generated from online appraisal while determining the coverage rates as the value differs greatly from the actual value. Insurance companies will require a value determined by the professional so that they can determine the coverage rates and terms easily.  Once the insurance companies get the actual value, your jewelry will get insured. Therefore, if you want to get your jewelry insured, then getting the jewelry appraisal from a professional is necessary.

Online appraisal for your jewelry is good for the rough estimate. If you want to sell your jewelry, then get the appraisal from a jewelry shop.



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