7 Simple Skin Care Tips For Men

Skin care in a man’s mind does not go as far as washing our faces daily. Women on the other hand are keener on keeping their skin healthy. Men are just lazy, and we do not really see the benefits of putting ourselves through what we see “vigorous” cycle of maintaining skin care. So let us take a look at seven simple skin care tips for men!

How a man can take care of his skin?

Get rid of extra hair on your face


Too much hair on your face can be very unattractive as well as a danger to maintaining healthy skin.  Also using the right tools to shave is very important. Make sure you use non-alcoholic shaving gels, instead use gels that have vitamin content present in them. Also use highly sharp razors to make sure you do not have to constantly shave away at your skin.

Use aftershave regularly

aftershave for man

Any sort of discomforting feeling on your skin after shaving is a sign that it is irritated. Use a soothing aftershave, preferably non alcoholic after every instance you shave. Using alcoholic aftershaves can cause your skin to become dry and irritated.

Keep all your tools clean and prepared.


Remember that bacteria are your worst enemy when making sure your skin stays healthy. Cleaning your razors and making sure your shaving gel has not gone bad is very important. An unclean razor can cause a lot of problems with skin such as acne and in the long run can cause premature wrinkling of your skin.

Exfoliate on a regular basis


Exfoliating the skin has a number of advantages;  first off it clears off the dead skin from your body and face. Not exfoliating it causes this dead skin to block off the pores on your skin thus leading into terrible outcomes. Bacteria build up will cause acne and other unwanted conditions on your skin. Exfoliating also allows for a much better shaving experience overall.

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Apply moisturizer regularly


Moisturizer is very important for the skin, sort of how calcium is essential for the healthy growth of bones. Moisturizers are essential to your skin because they keep it hydrated throughout the day. Dry skin is bad skin and moisturizers work against exactly that. Argan oil is a very good oil that prevents early age wrinkling and fine lines, this oil can be found in many moisturizers.

Make sure that skin is clean


This may seem like a simple task but it is not. Simply washing your face with cold water will not cut it. Buy skin cleansers that can easily get rid of unwanted materials from blocking your pores. As well as reducing oil build up in your skin further decreasing the chance of other impurities entering your skin!

Seek professional treatment

Young Man Enjoying Massage At Spa

After all above men skin care tips this is the last but not the least. Regular visits from time to time to your local spa treatment centers can have a drastic improvement to the overall healthiness and appearance of your skin! Deep cleansing of pores and stimulating the skin are done at these spas and it is a very healthy treatment. Spas also focus in facials for male customers, these treatments also improve blood circulation to your skin.