Top 10 Best Perfumes for Men

The fragrance a man uses on his nights out is a very strong appeal to the people around him. A strong fragrance that nestles into our noses can be very aromatic. So let’s take a look at the top 10 best perfumes for men.

List of Best Colognes for Men

10 – Canali Men

Canali Men Cologne

A fragrance that compliments any formal occasion, Canali Men is sold for 27.96$ for a 3.4 oz bottle at Amazon considered to be a cheap cologne for men. With an aromatic fragrance that centralizes around floral and citrus smells this perfume is a must have for any man!

9 – Lanvin L’Homme Sport

Lanvin L'Homme Sport Cologne

This is a very musky and masculine fragrance that can be considered wild and animalistic. This cologne is worth 13.99$ at Amazon. It clearly is able to the stir the feelings of people around you with its unfaltering scent of bergamot fruit, pepper, musk and patchouli oil which are all mixed together.

8 – Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme Cologne

This cologne can be considered for any daytime or night time occasions. It has a very masculine fragrance to it with its woody, earthly smell. It’s worth is at 55$ on Amazon, and it comprises of lavender, cardamom, cedar wood and vetiver.

7 – Le Male – Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male - Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne

Le Male is cologne that was meant to reflect against the physique of the male human body. It is sold in a bottle that looks like a sailor t-shirt. It is perfect for any occasion and it is sold for 56$ for a 4.2 oz bottle at Amazon.

6 – Ferrari Black By Ferrari For Men

Ferrari Black for Men Cologne

Ferrari Black has a very light scent to it which can be considered somewhat woody, and fruity as well. Considering its light scent, it can be used roughly for any occasion in case someone may find a dense heavy scent to be annoying. This fragrance sells for 33.85$ which can be found at FragranceX.

5 – Vintage Black – Kenneth Cole

Vintage Black - Kenneth Cole Cologne for MEn

This cologne comprises of a number of ingredients such as dewy greens, lime, minute touches of white pepper, lavender, tequila, and pink grapefruit. It tingles at our very nostrils and can be very provocative in a good sense. It’s good to see Vintage Black is one of the best cologne for men.

4 – Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Cologne for Men

With a very neutral scent that does not seem aggressive to our nostrils. Tom Ford is the perfect cologne for many occasions. It is made simply from perennial cuscus grass, and is blended with vetiver, nutmeg, moss and pimento. The sober smell it lets off is a very refreshing one to say the least.

3 – Davidoff Hot Water

Hot Water Cologne for Men - Davidoff

Cologne that is preferred by many men, Davidoff Hot Water is a blend of pimento, basil and paprika. With paprika being the most prominent ingredient in the fragrance of this perfume. Being a very inexpensive but at the same time very amazing perfume and one of the most popular cologne for men, and loved by women on men. It costs at around 45$ for a 3.7 oz bottle.

2 – Ungaro iii

Ungaro iii Cologne for Men

A very cheap fragrance to get, but at the same time it bears a fragrance that is a kick to the nose. It is very masculine indeed, and the effects of this perfume last for hours upon hours. It is a blend of tobacco, vodka, and ashen rose that comprise themselves to bring about a very rugged feeling. You can easily considered it as best smelling cologne for men.

1- Acqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani (Best Perfume for Men)

Acqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani Cologne

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani has been the number one fragrance seller for men in the United States. This fragrance lets off a very flowery aura in which jasmine is the most notable one alongside a very musky tinge of woodiness. All in all it is a fragrance that hits your nose in all the right spots. And it fulfills all the qualities of best selling perfume.