Top 10 Best Tips to avoid Acne

Acne has been something that annoyed us for a very long time. That one pimple that seems to appear over night may horrify some to say the least. Acne however is something that we can over come with regular care of our skin and diet. So let us take a look and explore these top 10 tips to avoid acne.

1 – Stay Hydrated

This maybe hands down the easiest way to avoid acne. Drinking lots of water keeps germs from getting into your digestive and circulatory system, thus blood flow is well maintained and hemoglobin is at a high volume in your blood. Over all it can not hurt to drink a glass of water every hour.

2 – Keep your face clean

Hygiene is acnes worst enemy, literally. Washing your face with cold water on a regular basis can help a lot. Take regular baths and make sure you always keep your clothes clean too. Acne stays where cleanliness does not occur, so people if you do not want those sudden outbreaks; start washing yourself!

3 – Oily foods are bad

Too much oil in your food is asking for acne to develop all across your face. The acid to base ratio in your body is tampered with too much when you are eating oily foods, and the neutralization of this relationship is what creates acne.

4 – Avoid too many bakery goods

Everyone loves a jelly filled donut at times, but too much of it can also have consequences. Apart from the fact that it is very unhealthy to your diet, eating too much of these substances can cause wild outbreaks of acne. Though if you MUST eat it, make sure to drink a glass of milk or two to neutralize the effects.

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5 – Eat your vegetables

We have been told since we were little children to eat vegetables. Something about them just makes them very healthy in every sense. Eating vegetables not only works against the spread of acne, but it allows for healthy, shinier skin as well!

4 – Don’t forget your fruits!

Fruits are very important when it comes to busting down on acne. Eat them when they are most fresh and they can work well against acne, especially grapes and oranges! However remember, everything comes with a limit, do not over eat fruits as it may cause acidic build up.

3 – Calcium is your friend

Drinking milk plays a very pivotal role in the fight against acne. Do not drink milk however with sugar, use honey instead if you must. Milk acts as a neutralizer to the acidic buildup in your body that causes acne in the first place. This acidity is also known to make the zits and pimples on your face much more prominent then they should be.

2 – DO NOT pop pimples or zits!

In case you do get a pimple, leave it there, it is not hurting you physically. If you pop it, it will only cause bad germs to spread across your skin, making it very unclean and unhygienic. However if you have popped a pimple or zit out of carelessness, washing it immediately with cold water is a great remedy.

1 – Herbal tea is a must (best tip to avoid acne)

Drinking herbal tea is a great way to wage your war against acne. Not only does it keep your skin smooth and fresh, it helps in killing bacteria that support the production of acne across your face! Chinese and Japanese are known for drinking lots of herbal tea, and are also known for the beautiful skin they have.

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