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Top 10 Famous People with Marfan Syndrome

There are some diseases which cannot be treated or cannot be completely cured.  Same is the case with Marfan syndrome. It is a disorder of the connective tissue in human body.

Off course it feels tragic and painful if you get to know, you will have to live with a disease for your entire life. In this miserable situation, individuals have two choices, whether to blame your fate and destroy your life or to stand up accepting all your weaknesses and prove yourself as a true hero.

An amazing fact about this disease is that it does not affect your intelligence. Here are the names of some strong personalities with Marfan Syndrome who did not let the disease influence them and their career.

Famous People with Marfan Syndrome

1 – John Tavener

John Tavener struggled 46 years of his life with Marfan syndrome. The sad part is that John’s family members also suffered from the same disease. But despite his illness, John was a well-known British personality and also a classical composer.

Besides his sufferings, he was never left behind in any way, He helped mankind by creating awareness among people about the disease through many public speeches.

2 – Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar one of the great rulers of all times was also the survivor of this syndrome. He had skinny and long fingers. His strengths and power had no boundaries and he never gave up in ruling the word despite his condition.

Sadly, even his death occurred in a miserable way. But his energetic and passionate life forces us to include him in the top famous persons with Marfan syndrome.

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3 – Michael Phelps

Micheal Phelps is a medalist in Olympics. He is one of the great swimmers anyone has ever met. In swimming he has made about 39 world records and during Olympic Games he also won 18 gold medals. He is thin, tall and extraordinary flexible, but still battled against the disease with great courage.

4 – Vincent Schiavelli

Vincent died from lung cancer on 26 December 2005. He was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome hence; he was noticeably a tall man having disproportionate limbs as compared to rest of the body.

Regardless of his condition he did many Hollywood films like “Tomorrow never dies” and “Taking off”. Also, he worked with the National Marfan Foundation doing more research and studies for treating the disease further.

5 – Robert Johnson

Another great name Robert Johnson, also became a victim of Marfan Syndrome at a young age of 27. He suffered from enormous heart problems but his talents and passions grabbed the victory as he was a popular guitarist and because of his flexible fingers he played guitar in a unique way as compared to normal persons. No doubt he was a multi-talented personality.

6 – Flo Hyman

Another famous personality, Flo Hyman recognized her disease at a young age because of her prompt development and growth in various parts of her body. The main encourager was her mother who encouraged her to take advantage of her size. She became a champion and a famous volleyball player of the United States.

7 – Isaiuh Austin

Meet the next inspiring personality, A professional American basketball player. Although after being diagnosed with Marfans syndrome he continued playing basketball with great enthusiasm.

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8 – Bradford Cox

No doubt our disabilities and weakness break us apart and for the youngsters its heart breaking to see them suffering from any mental illness. Same goes with Bradford, he realized his illness at the young age of 10 which made him an awkward and isolated personality. But when it comes to music, he was very passionate. With that said, he became a guitarist, song writer and not to forget a passionate singer. He was certainly a house full of talents.

9 – Javier Botet

Another top listed names, Javier Botet was also a warrior and survivor or Marfan syndrome. His success in acting industry is well-known to all. He appeared in many horror films like The Conjuring 2 and Crimson Peak.

10 – Sergei Rachmaninoff

Life is full of mental and physical complexities, but to accept our disabilities is something we should learn from people like Sergai. He had thin, long nose and was slim and tall. Still he made a special place in people’s heart by playing mesmerizing music.

Not only this he was also a legendary performer, an ultimate composer, conductor and one of a great musician.


So, do you think these famous people with Marfan Syndrome would have been this much successful if they gave up at the beginning? Obviously not! We all have some lackings and talents at the same time. But the question is, how much do we let it affect our lives? It’s all about the matter of choices!

We live in a world full of criticism so you will find people bullying you no matter what you do or who you are. Some people turn a deaf year to all those negativity around them and continue their struggle and turn out to become real champions!

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