Top 10 Most Deadliest/Dangerous Diseases in the World

Diseases have ridden the human species since its very conception. Through whatever medium, diseases have always plagued us humans and made us suffer in many ways. Deadly, and sometimes deceptive, these diseases have reached our countdown of the top 10 deadliest diseases.

10. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer which is caused in modern times usually by smoking or second hand smoking and working in places which have potentially harmful gases. Lung cancer has been proven to be the most deadly type of cancer in male and females, rising up to a death toll that surpasses colon, breast and prostate cancers every year.

9. Malaria

It is self evident how much we hate those summer days when those annoying little mosquitoes eat away at us. Though it is very surprising at how deadly these tiny creatures can be. Spreading parasites from human to human, and infecting us with malaria. Once the malaria matures inside our bloodstream, the malaria cells start to multiply at an alarmingly high rate. Malaria is held accountable for more than 1 million people dying every year.

8. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a deadly disease that is well known for its terrible symptoms. High fevers, mucous build up, fatigue, and excessive sweating are all symptoms of TB. TB usually occurs with people who have weakened immune systems, such as people infected with AIDS or the elderly. TB is usually caught by living in unhygienic conditions, maintaining an insufficient diet, or living around someone else who has TB.

7. Diarrheal Diseases

The usual diarrhea case can be seen as harmless and at times funny. That’s only because it may last at max a day or two. Yet when it stays with you for weeks, or months, it becomes a chronic disease with the potential of shutting down your immune system. Chronic Diarrhea is also the main cause of dehydration as the important bodily fluids are constantly being removed from the human system.

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6. Perinatal Circumstances

Child birth is a very arduous procedure for women. Pregnancy is a magical manifestation of life which bears happiness and joy at the end of the journey. Yet at the same time, around half a million women die due to complications with child birth. Unsafe abortions, heavy bleeding and hemorrhaging, and infections are all very real risks. Most these cases occur in Asia as well the sub-Saharan Africa.

5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

More commonly known as COPD, this is a lung disease that branches off into two different categories. One is known as Chronic Bronchitis which makes the act of respiration a very hard task. Instilling a long term cough that is filled with mucous. The other branch is known as Emphysema which is the steady deterioration of the lungs. Both sound equally horrible diseases, and both have the same prescription; stay away from cigarettes.


HIV is the un-evolved form of AIDS which weakens our immune systems down to a very negligible amount. HIV attacks the T-Cells in your body which otherwise have the occupation of fighting infectious diseases. In this case, the T-Cells lose the battle. In due time, HIV turns into AIDS, which stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV can be contracted through the unsafe usage of needles, unprotected sex, and blood transfusions.

3. Lower Respiratory diseases

Breathing is a part of human life that well, is absolutely necessary. Yet suffering from a lower respiratory disease makes that a very hard task for anyone. There are two types of lower respiratory diseases; bronchitis and pneumonia. Common symptoms to these diseases are runny noses, headaches, and a sore throat. Everyone is susceptible to this disease.

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2. Strokes

Strokes are a very common tragedy amongst people. It occurs when the brain is not supplied blood due either a blocked vessel, or a hemorrhaged vessel. In both cases brain cells begin to die and that may cause permanent damage. To tackle this condition, make sure you keep your diet in order and blood running smoothly in your vessels.

1. Ischemic Heart Disease ( Most Dangerous Disease)

In simple terms, this means that a part of the body is forgotten and not being supplied either blood or oxygen. This can prove to be very fatal indeed. For example if an artery is blocked which prevents blood flow to the heart, a person is diagnosed with Ischemic Heart Disease, if not tended to immediately this will cause the steady weakening of the heart, and tragically as well, a very grim demise.