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Top 10 Movies to Watch in 2013

As cinematic hurdles are being crossed each year, a different array of movies are released that stimulate several emotions at once. 2012 was a year of action packed movies; The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and The Hobbit were all huge titles that raked in insane amounts of box-office cash!

The real question at hand is; is 2013 any different from 2012? Will we be watching an entourage of sequels and reboots? Maybe so, but that doesn’t change the entertainment value these movies are capable of achieving! Let’s indulge ourselves in the Top 10 movies we should definitely watch in 2013!

Number 10: The World’s End (August 2013)

It has been quite a while since we have seen Nick Frost and Simon Pegg back in action, and undoubtedly they are missed. Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead were two hilarious titles in which Edgar Wright was the director! The three of them are now back together to present an epic that is based on a grand scheme! It is now up to a band of five friends to save the world from it’s impending doom!

Number 9: After Earth

Will Smith has been known for many things in his long career as an actor, such as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I, Robot, and I am Legend. Will Smith has been known to take roles in movies which end up in catastrophic scales and are hard lined with hopelessness and thrill. Such is the case with After Earth which boasts a rather exquisite cast, including Will Smith, his sone Jaden Smith, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Sophie Okonedo.

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Number 8: The Hobbit: There and Back again

Bilbo Baggins and his escapades have enlightened many generations as they still continue to do so. The Hobbit was a brilliant cinematic experience that involved us with the story of Bilbo Baggins before the first Lord of the Rings! The Hobbit ended as we saw the dragon lying calmly amidst the mountain of gold that was once owned by the dwarves, and so the The Hobbit: There and Back again will pick up where it had previously left off! Bilbo Baggins alongside the Dwarves will continue to trek closer to the mountain which the Dwarves once called home to reclaim it from the fire breathing dragon.

Number 7: Man of Steel

The world has known Clark Kent as Superman, the man of steel who saves the innocent from the clutches of evil, and purges all those who may plot against a peaceful world. Zack Snyder, the director of the Man of Steel movie portrays how Clark Kent, a Kryptonian molds himself to adjust with the society of earth, and how he then decided to protect it! Lex Luthor is Superman’s main contender and he is a crafty one at that! With the recent uprising in superhero movies such as the Dark Knight trilogy and the Marvel entourage, we can only hope for excellence from the Man of Steel!

Number 6: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies has a comical twist to your average zombie movie. The story is ironically told through the mind and eyes of a zombie known as R, who has still maintained some of his human aspects such as observation and thought processing. He saves a girl named Juliet on several occasions and thus begins a bizarre and unique story of romance between a human and a zombie! Warm Bodies has a plot that stands out and certainly deserves the attention that it is getting!

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Number 5: Oz the Great and Powerful

Mysticism and fantasy have been an appealing genre for the longest time, and Oz the Great and Powerful is a fairy tale movie in a which magician is cast into a fantasy land where three powerful witches have plans in store for him! The story of the movie follows somewhat like Snow-white, though it is undoubtedly different.

Number 4: The Croods

With a prehistoric setting The Croods is an animated movie about a caveman family whose home has been utterly destroyed and now they must travel through a fantastical world. An innovative boy will help them along their journey! The Croods is another movie title coming out this year that does not seem to be affected by the same old plot lines that have been being used almost in every animated movie!

Number 3: Oblivion

A Tom Cruise movie in which the setting is a post apocalyptic world, where all humans have died out after a war with an alien species. Tom Cruise to his knowledge is the lone survivor until he stumbles upon a crashed ship in which he finds another human being. Thus commences an epic journey of two people throughout a war torn Earth. It would seem that the Sci-Fi genre still has some cards left up its sleeve, and we can only hope that Oblivion does not disappoint!

Number 2: Monsters University

Monsters Inc. was a great movie that everyone in the family enjoyed and many have wondered about its sequel! After eleven years have passed Monsters University made by Pixar is ready to hit the big screen! Monsters Inc was known for its lovable characters and enveloping story line, however will Monsters University be able to keep us hooked like Monsters Inc? We can only wait and hope until it is out in theaters!

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Number 1: Iron Man 3


Robert Downey Jr has been a treat to watch in both his Iron Man movies as well as The Avengers! Now the third installment is on its way and we all have high expectations set for this epic movie! The Iron Man will be tested beyond limits and his genius will be used against him! However the Iron Patriot makes his first appearance in the big screen along with all the other Iron Man suits! Tony Stark will have his hands full against the Mandarin, one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel lineup. The trailer has been out for months and it leaves us wishing that the movie will also deliver greatly!



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