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Top 10 Tallest Men in the World

God has created everything special, but there are some unique creations of God as well. You might have seen extra ordinary tall people; surely these are the wonders of the universe.

Here is a look at the top 10 tallest men in the world.

Tallest Men in the World:

  1. Morteza Mehrzad

In Iran, he is famous as the tallest man. He was 8 feet 1 ¼ inches tall. Unlike others, he was not born with any disorder but unfortunately at the age of 16, he fell from his bike and faced an injury in pelvis. His right leg stopped to grow and was 6 inch smaller than the left one. Moreover, he was a gold medalist in sitting volleyball.

  1. Bernard Coyne

Many people have to shatter their dreams because of their liabilities; Bernard was one of them. He dreamed to join Army but got rejected because of his tall height which was about 8 feet. After sometime, He again measured his height for confirmation but found it 2 inch higher from which was measured before.

  1. Brahim Takioullah

The next tallest man in the world’s history is Brahim Takioullah. His height was 8 feet and 1 inch long.  Mainly because he was suffering from tumor, the human growth hormone levels in his body increased and ultimately resulted in tall height.

  1. John Rogan

After Robert Wadlow, he is known as the second tallest man and also the tallest man in America. He stood at a height of more than 8 feet and 9 inches. He died at the age of 40 after facing complications in his illness.

  1. Naseer Ahmed Soomro

He was 7 feet and 10 inch tall. He can be called as the second tallest man in Pakistan. Even he got banned to come out from his house on weekends by the police because his appearance caused large crowds in public causing problems

  1. John F. Caroll

He was the man whose height increased around 9 feet. In 1969, he was popular as the tallest man in the world. In history, he was also called as the Buffalo Giant. His spinal condition worsened with time and affected his size.

  1. Sultan Kosen

Just like Brahim Takioullah, Sultan Kosen also suffered from tumor which affected his growth and he got a height of 8 feet 3 inches. 2 years after his tumor removal, he observed that his height stopped growing. He also had to use crutches to support his tall height.

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He also faced difficulties in performing day to day activities like standing straight in a small room and travelling in car, train or a taxi.

  1. Dharmendra Pratap Singh

He was an Indian and a highly educated person with a height of 8 feet and 1 inch. He spent all years of his life suffering from various diseases like diabetes, acromegaly, laxity of joints and headaches. He even faced difficulty in findings jobs and that’s why he couldn’t afford medical treatments.

  1. Robert Wadlow

Sadly, Robert Wadlow died at a young age of 22. He had gone through both, tall height and increased weight. His weight was 199 kg and height was 8 feet 11.1 inch tall. He can be called as one of the tallest young adult in the history.

  1. Ajaz Ahmed

The last tallest man in the world is Ajaz Ahmed, stands at 8 feet and 33 inches tall and also faced hormonal dysfunction, he had shorter right leg as compared to left because of orthopedic issues.


So, these were some of the tallest men’s known in the world’s history. One can get amazed looking at their heights. You will see not only tallest people on earth but also many more exceptions like dwarfism, conjoined twins etc.



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