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Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Shining in Winter Season

We all have our problems with winter season and making sure our skin does not lose that great shine it has under the sun. The skin is the largest organ of the body and one we should take care with the utmost of diligence. Let us take a look at different ways we can maintain that beautiful healthy skin we all long for.

10 to Keep Your Skin Shining in Winter Season:

10 – Lessening the time you shower

Showering for a long amount of time washes away natural oils and elements in our skin that keep it damp and moisture. Also make sure that you keep the water temperature at warm instead of searing hot, so that dehydration does not ensue in your body.

9 – Make sure your body stays warm

Being exposed to cold temperatures causes the skin to lose its gleaming shine. Make sure you wear clothes before going out in the cold, keeping your skin at a warm temperature would make your skin shine much more.

8 – Exfoliate on a regular basis

Be warned that exfoliating on dry skin can damage the pores. However when brushing off the external sediments that hand around on your pores you gain a better chance of having skin that shines much more brighter.

7 – Keep your skin safe from the sun

Using sunscreen that can block the UV rays of the sun in a good manner can make sure that skin will not get damaged; in turn it will make it much brighter. Not keep your skin safe from UV rays results in pre-mature wrinkling.

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6 – Make sure your clothes are washed regularly

In the cold we all wear tight clothes underneath our jackets that stick to our skin like glue. The dyes can have chemicals that release into our skin and damage it. Washing your clothes and keeping them clean will help towards having shinier skin.

5 – Using chemical free cosmetics

Make up that is based on different chemicals can be very dangerous to your skin. Sure the cosmetics may make your skin shine for a while, but in the long run there are many chemicals in cosmetics that cause many different kinds of harmful conditions in the skin!

4 – Drink a lot of water

A hydrated body is a healthy body. Once your body is healthy, everything in and out of it receives the same gratitude. Keeping your skin well hydrated will keep it healthy and in turn cause it to gleam and shine like it never has before.

3 – Moisturized skin, is good skin

Make sure you buy moisturizers that compliment to your skin. Use them regularly whenever you bathe, and when you are outside as well. Keeping your skin moisturized and non neglecting it is very key, if you do not, you will notice that your skin will get flaky, extra dry and painful as well.

2 – Make sure you eat your vitamins

Vitamins strengthen your skin in many ways, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B-complex which provide ample amounts of support for our skin. Make sure you use vitamin rich lotions at prone skin areas such as your elbows and knees.

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1 – Eat right!

A proper diet and fluid intake is very important to making sure your skin stays healthy. Avoid easting spicy foods as the temperature rise in your body would not correlate well with the cold temperature. Same goes for alcohol and caffeine induced products as well.



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